Saturday, December 31, 2016

Problem for the new year-hurtigruten – the Norwegian broadcasting corporation

Nyttårsturen for ship C to the south along the coast, has been greatly delayed. The ship is on the way south on a special obvious nyttårstur, and was scheduled to go directly from Rørvik to Ålesund. Initially it was going to stop in Trondheim on the way south, but bad weather made that stopped in trønderhovudstaden was dropped yesterday evening.

– Weather off the coast of Trøndelag is simply so challenging, that the captain chose to turn the ship. Right now, it is unclear whether it goes further to Ålesund in the day or not, says communications manager Rune Thomas Ege.

That was that the first sign of vêrproblema for “Richard With”.

the Norwegian Coastal voyage, is now on its way north to search sound at Rørvik.

Rune Thomas Ege says passengers who are met of the problems for the Norwegian coastal voyage, will be contacted.

Photo: Hurtigruten

To NRK says Ege that Hurtigruten through sine125 years in the traffic along the coast, have learned two things; first, that the weather no one can do something with, and for the others that vêrgudane one should not challenge.

It was precisely these vurderingane which meant that the captain chose to turn around, says Ege.

at the time Of writing, it is uncertain whether the “Richard With” get a complete nyttårsturen to Ålesund, and where it was supposed that the ship would be a little extra long at the quay in the evening.

There has not been any drama in the opinion to wait and see at Rørvik. But, naturally, there has been little behageleg for passasjerane with such rough seas, ” says Ege.

the Steamer considering no continuing throughout the afternoon on it again to try to come to Ålesund in the evening, or if nyttårsturen further from Rørvik is postponed until to-morrow.


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