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Kulturministeren will scrutinize the NRK licence fee and provide up to 135 million to … – Aftenposten

on Thursday afternoon held on Linda Hofstad Helleland (H) press conference. Where notified that she is the NRK licence fee is history.

the Government will work to ensure that one of these options replaces the TV licence:

  • Husstandsavgift
  • Earmarked “medieskatt” based on income
  • Earmarked tax on fixed amount per. person (with certain exemptions).

All the options should be assessed against a scheme where the NRK is financed over the state budget. The proposal must get a majority in the Storting before the licence can should be scrapped.

Need to pay license in a couple of years

There are new media habits that are the reason why Helleland want to change the financing of NRK.

– more and More plomberer TV, or they see on NRK on other platforms than linear TV. Should we preserve the legitimacy of the Norwegian broadcasting corporation and ensure that the community takes care of the financing, we need to change this now, says Helleland.

She assumes that the man must pay the NRK license in a couple of years before a new scheme is in place. It is the feedback from the Parliament, which now will determine what comes instead of this license.

the Demands of the Parliament is how the financing model is fair, that it ensures The independence, and that it is a little bureaucratic.

I perceive that the Parliament has been very keen to have a big influence in this work. They want to be clear on the model that meet the requirements they have set. What they mean, will mean a lot for our further work, says Helleland.

Need more time

In the summer suggested a regjeringsoppnevnt ekspertutvalg to replace the TV licence with a husstandsavgift after model from Germany. The aim was that it should no longer been possible to see on the NRK without to pay for them.

Stortingsrepresentanter from both the Left, A, Right, and the Right in the said critical of the proposal of a new husstandsavgift.

– the Parliament was very clear that this must be a social fair fee. The requirement we mean a skattemodell in much greater supply. Such a model has not been explored yet. Then we have to do it, and therefore we need some more time, says Helleland.

the Opposition believes the Government somler

Both the Labour party (Ap), centre party (Sp) and the Socialist Left party (SV) thinks the government has used way too long time to consider the future funding of NRK.

When people’s media habits change rapidly in a hurry the more to get in place a new solution, the mean Bård Vegar Solhjell (SV) and Arild Grande (Ap).

the Result of internal discord in the government

the Government has wasted half a year. The minister today has said is not anything new from the Parliament stated already in march, says mediepolitisk spokesperson in the Labour party, Arild Grande.

He is critical that the government not put forward a concrete proposal for a new financing scheme for NRK before the new year.

once again we see the result of the inner fights between the coalition parties. The progress party and the Right seems to be unable to come up with a common solution. It is quite serious that a minister is unable to follow up a virtually unanimous decision, ” says Grande.

Now is the ball thrown back to Parliament, who will be working with the proposals. Grande says it is too early to say which scheme the Labour party might support.

It draws to it being a busy mediepolitisk our in Parliament. The problem with the constant deferrals will is that media habits are changing so quickly that it can put the funding to NRK under pressure, ” says Grande.

Want state aid to the Norwegian broadcasting corporation competitor

Thursday let Helleland also forward the Government’s plans to secure a commercial allmennkringkaster in Norway. In today’s media market is TV 2 that has this role. The channel has the desired compensation from the state to continue to produce news, as well as have its main office in Bergen.

This is the desired meet Helleland. She suggests that a commercial allmennkringkaster get up to 135 million a year. As consideration is required not only daily news broadcast and a presence outside of Oslo.

A commercial allmennkringkaster must also, among other things use both variants, as well as view the Norwegian TV-drama.

Hope more than 2 TV reports applying for money

the Whole amount shall become the property of one actor. Kulturministeren want that more than the TV 2 search.

I believe we have paved the way for more people to apply, says Helleland, who did not want to go into which players she believes can challenge the TV 2.

the Amount of nok 135 million is the limit to avoid that the proposal must be approved by the AUTHORITY. The agreement, which the TV 2 or other commercial allmennkringkaster make with the state, shall be limited to five years at a time. The measure is considered to be temporary in anticipation of a future media policy. The scheme can at the earliest be implemented in 2018.

Also this proposal must be reflected in the Parliament before it can become a reality.


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