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The police after the fires at Tøyen: Charged (69) has ignited seven fires in Oslo – VG

the Man (69) who was arrested after weekend fires at Tøyen in Oslo is linked to four other fires.

on the Night of Saturday ran the fire department in Oslo from place to place to extinguish fires in the district of Tøyen.

It first started to burn in a trashcan for a toilet at the nightspot the post Office in Tøyen. Shortly afterwards, it was discovered a fire in some baby strollers under a balcony close by. The building did not properly fire, but the fire was starting to spread when it was extinguished, VG enlightened.

While the fire department worked to extinguish the second fire, began to burn in a yellow avfallssekk in the same area.

Must have had soot on my hands

It was quickly resolved suspected that the fires were attached and the same night was a 69-year-old man arrested. The police came on the track of the 69-year-old because a hotellansatt he overheard making threats about to light of over the phone, says Kluge.

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the Police have recorded that he called in threats to them in the period before the fire, and believes it is this conversation the receptionist overheard.

When the 69-year-old was arrested at the hotel just after think police that he had soot on his hands.

“We believe he has a mode where he teeth on things when he gets frustrated and when he is drunk,” says Kluge.

<p>UNDER the BALCONY: Here, the jobs the fire department with the å extinguish the other fire på Tøyen in Oslo at the weekend.</p>

UNDER the BALCONY: Here, the jobs the fire department to extinguish the second fire, on Tøyen in Oslo in the weekend.

Photo: Fredrik Hove, Main Media

The three fires did not lead to personal injury.

Tuesday petitioned the police, him ” I in four weeks, the Oslo district court gave them under. The defendant has, however, appealed the decision to the Borgarting court of appeal.

– We believe that there is a strong degree of probability that he will start new fires if he’s not being held imprisoned and that the legal terms of gjentagelsesfare are met, ” says politiadvokat Charles Kluge to VG.

the 69-year-old did not acknowledge straffskyld for some of the fires.

– He maintains his claim of innocence in the matter when it comes to all the conditions in the indictment, ” says his defender John Arild Aasen to VG.

Aasen says that he client explains his hands dirty with that he had fixed a few cars in the period before the fires.

seen this? Police believe the incendiary went loose in Oslo

the Man, however, is not only charged with the three fires at Tøyen on the night of Saturday 17. December. He attributed also to the three attached fires 12. march at the Match and Tøyen in Oslo, the first in a container, then at a gas station and finally in a car at Tøyen.

the Police believe the man ignited all three fires, but can only place him at the Shell station because he was filmed by overvåkningskameraet there.

On this video you can see it start to burn in some plastic bottles at about the same time as the offender runs away from the spot, ” says Kluge.

– He thinks that it is not him on the video, says defender Aasen.

Police: Fired on with a neighbor

But it is the seventh fire as the man is charged with, which was most severe. The case stretches back to 26. October of last year, when it started to burn on a balcony on the fifth floor of an apartment complex in Kværnerbyen in Oslo.

the Flames licked quickly two to three feet up from the balcony, wrote the Newspaper the same night. 62 people were evacuated as a result of the fire, which was extinguished before anyone was injured.

Charged lived at the time in naboleiligheten, also it is on the fifth floor. Police tell the VG that several witnesses have observed persons on the balcony at the same time as it began to burn.

69-year-old refuses to be lit on or to have been out on the balcony.

the Fire becomes clear that applied. Arnestedet is by siktedes balcony, ” says Kluge.

He was the one who notified about the fire and he believes there is another reason that it started to burn, ” says defender Aasen, who believes that the police do not have anything other than circumstantial evidence that it is the defendant who stands behind the Oslo-fires.

69-year-old is also charged with threatening an styreeier in a co-ownership on life, as well as forulemping of the public official.

He is from before sentenced a number of times, including twice for arson. These matters extends, however, back to the early 1990s and the 2000s.


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