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The last Norwegian rescue operation in the Mediterranean sea: Eight adults and two children squeezed … – VG

The small rubber boat with ten wet, icy people on board, was struggling with a four hesters outboard motor, in high waves, the sea-route from Turkey to Lesvos.

on the Night of Tuesday they were picked up by the crew of the redningsskøyten Peter Henry von Koss.

This is the last rescue performed by the two Norwegian ships in the Mediterranean. Since the summer of 2015 has redningsskøyten Peter Henry von Koss and supplyskipet Siem Pilot brought over 35,000 people to safe harbors in Greece or Italy.

It was a wonder that it went well. Several had not a life jacket, where sometimes the children, ” says force commander Ronny Samuelsen Peter Henry von Koss to VG.

Thursday, it was known by the two Norwegian vessels participating in the Frontex-the action in the Mediterranean sea, is honored with the VG and the people’s price this Year’s Name.

Read more about the award here: Siem Pilot and Peter Henry von Koss’s name

the Award was handed out during a ceremony in VG-the house in the afternoon.

the News spread quickly. I have talked with my team, and all are proud of the efforts we do get such attention, ” says Ronny Samuelsen, who to-day is a leader for innsatslederne in the East standings.

Samuelsen and his team went on guard a week ago, and already after a few days came the first rescue operation.

We caught up radarsignalene right before the clock one night. There were eight adults and two children at two and six years on board. They came from Afghanistan, and was on his way from Turkey to Lesvos.

It was quite a rough sea that night, and he who brought the rubber boat could obviously not much about the boat. He did not even have to turn off the engine when we tried to add the rubber boat until redningsskøyten, ” says Samuelsen.

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In retrospect, talked to the crew a lot about that if the small boat had remained at Lesbos, it would have gone right bad. It was high seas and big swells.

– The ten set very cramped in the small boat, and they were cold. It was a good feeling to get them on board and have wrapped them into the blankets.

Then the kids got to each his teddy bear from the Norwegian society for sea rescue beamed up. All children who are picked up by Peter Henry von Koss, one of the Redningsselskapets teddy bears with a life jacket, ” says Samuelsen.

<p>the CREW NÅ: F. v.: Ove Høyem, Hans Christian Bach, Torjus Sundsdal, Ronny Samuelsen, Ketil Meadows, Hugo Farnes. Photo: Anders</p>

the CREW NOW: F. v.: Ove Høyem, Hans Christian Bach, Torjus Sundsdal, Ronny Samuelsen, Ketil Meadows, Hugo Farnes. Photo: Anders

the force commander is worried about what may come to happen in the next few days.

the people smugglers put out from the beaches in Turkey when it looks quiet out there. The problem is that when the wind is blowing from the north-east, as now, the beaches on the Turkish side of the le, while the wind is blowing right on the land on the Greek side.

Many may like the afghan migrants in the small rubber boat to get an unpleasant surprise when they come over in Greek waters.

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Christmas on board

Even though the crew is constantly ready to save lives, they also celebrate christmas on board.

Maskinsjefen from the Norwegian society for sea rescue has been at the local butcher on Lesvos and got hold of the rib. Pinnekjøtt is on the way from Norway.

the force commander has purchased christmas gifts for all on board.

– We shall enjoy ourselves with good food and pleasant socializing. I know a little of it to be so far away from family at christmas. But when you see how these people have it, and what they are experiencing, give it a good sense to be here. It is good to feel that one can contribute a little bit, ” says Ronny Samuelsen

Although, he has an extended family with a total of five “yours and my children” from 10 to 21 years.

– Children find it boring that I would be away at christmas, but they understand it. I hope and believe that they are a little proud too, ” says force commander Ronny Samuelsen.

<p>THIS WEEK: Peter Henry von Koss picked up ten afghans in a ten foot gummibåt. Photo: Anders</p>

THIS WEEK: Peter Henry von Koss picked up ten afghans in a ten foot inflatable boat. Photo: Anders


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