Sunday, December 25, 2016

Handle the extreme weather Urd on the way to the South-Norway – Sunnmørsposten

Win is expected Monday night into Tuesday, strong winds from the west or northwest with gusts between 25 and 35 metres a second.

Late Monday afternoon and early evening will the water level between the Swedish border and Lindesnes in the south is likely to be 90 to 130 centimeters above the values in the tidevannstabellen. The water level is highest in the Oslofjord.

Sunday morning was stormsenteret just to the southeast of the Island. It runs north-eastwards until Monday morning. Then takes a south-easterly direction and hit the coast of Møre and Romsdal on Monday evening.

handle the extreme weather that is now on the way, is named after the norse skjebnegudinnen Urd. She was one of the three nornene who ruled men’s destinies and sat under the world tree, Yggdrasil.

High waves

On the west coast south of Stad the weather will Monday afternoon increase to western full and periodically strong storm with gusts of 35 to 45 metres per second over the land. In the early evening, turning winds to the northwest and diminishes late in the evening.

It is expected also high waves along the coast with a wave height of between 13 and 15 metres. The maximum wave height is estimated to be up to 25 meters.

Between Lindesnes and the City is expected to be the high water Monday afternoon and evening. Late Monday afternoon and early evening is expected the water level here to be 75 to 90 centimeters over what is stated in the tidevannstabellen.

Phase B

Ekstremværvarslingen be divided into four alerts, from A to D. Phase A means that the Norwegian Meteorological institute is increasing the monitoring of the weather, while warning about the extreme weather, and when the storm gets a name is the first in phase B. the Alert is used before handle the extreme weather is expected to occur.

Then also has the meteorologist determined that it is extreme weather, and given the storm a name. The notice is more detailed than the prior messages and updating occurs at least every 6. time.

The notice will be when the danger of extreme weather is over. This notice will inform about the weather will be in the next few days with the thought of cleanups and fixes.


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