Thursday, December 29, 2016

NHO: Several with holes in your RESUME to get a job – E24

– There are many examples of companies increasingly recruit the people who might have struggled a bit in the workplace. Companies find that this is good and stable workforce with low sickness absence, ” says the director Kenneth Trail in the Work & Inclusion in the confederation of Norwegian enterprise.

Rekrutteringsstrategien “Rings in Water”, organized by the confederation of Norwegian enterprise, has aimed to get more back in the workplace through, among other things, to reduce the risk for the employer. The country over there is 110 work – and inkluderingsbedrifter.

– For individual trades, this is about to go from a passive existence on the benefits of active participation in the labour market with salaries. The economic benefit is enormous, ” says Trail.

Renholds – and operating company, Toma pulled out as a business where “Rings in the Water” has been very successful. The company is approaching 40 employees through the scheme.

the Trail think even more will come in the job in 2017 thanks to a simpler and more effective regulations for the labor market.

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