Wednesday, December 21, 2016

16-year-old øvelseskjører. Then comes a fire truck right the opposite – the Newspaper.en

(Dagbladet): yesterday afternoon was Sam Shields out and øvelseskjørte with his 16-year-old son at Eide, Karmøy.

It might have ended seriously wrong.

See the video of the almost-accident at the top of the case

- alive

in the middle of a turn popping suddenly up a fire engine at great speed, which is on the way over in the 16-åringens lane.

” We came from there with his life intact, but unfortunately it was close when a driver in an emergency vehicle took an outside overtaking in a bend where we met! Thanks to Fredrik who øvelseskjørte and got threw the car in the ditch, so that we avoided the collision!! type Sam Shields on Facebook.

- Easier shocked family now, he writes further.

Dagbladet tells the Shield that he shares the video to show how fast things can go wrong and not to hang out person driver or utrykningsetat.

- Our son at 16 years øvelseskjørte got done an incredible maneuver, ” says Shields to the Newspaper.

Fire department sorry

the fire chief Onar Valland on Karmøy island, says to Dagbladet that he apologize to the family and realize that people are scared of the video.

I understand people can be scared of the see also the video clip, ” says Valland, who adds that the driver takes the criticism and apologize for the face Shield and the family.

He asks at the same time understand that it is demanding to run the intervention.

I have even driven much intervention and we do as well as we can. I think everyone who is running the turnout has experienced episodes you don’t like, ” says Valland.

- What are the biggest challenges in traffic for those of you who are running intervention?

Cars in oncoming is usually good, they are scared when we come against them and we force them to run out to the edge. It is a part of the training we receive that we put ourselves out in the road and takes up space, ” says Valland and clarifies that he is talking generally and not about the episode with 16-year-old behind the wheel.

Valland also says that they often discover a very special activity behind the wheel among the least attentive drivers.

We are running like twice as fast as the rest of the traffic, we will fast on them if they are not good at using the mirrors. When you finally drive past, you see that they talk on the phone.

Similar to Dagbladet on Facebook


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