Monday, December 26, 2016

Meteorologists: “Urd” hit the counties of Møre and Romsdal late in the afternoon – meet the Requirements of the

the Wind take a good hold in the Western part of norway, but it is only Monday afternoon that handle the extreme weather Urd announces his arrival.

Sunday afternoon meant meteorologists that the Møre and Romsdal would drop away, but on Monday they are not so sure about the longer …

It is in Rogaland, Hordaland and Sogn and Fjordane, the worst weather is expected, but stormsenteret to Urd, which is moving southeast, is expected to hit the counties of Møre and Romsdal county late Monday afternoon.

– It will be stiff gale in the north of the county, while the Sunnmøre will blow up to full storm in the afternoon and evening, tells statsmeteorolog Anne Mette Olsen to

She says Møre and Romsdal will notice the storm, but the release from the very worst.

– however, It is a little difficult to know the strength when lavtrykket coming straight towards you, she says to

25-meter high waves

Meteorologists gave uvære name Sunday morning, but it is only on Monday afternoon, the waiting that Urd seriously going to give herself to know on the west coast. And when she first comes, it’s like a full-and periodically strong storm. In the Southern and Eastern regions can Urds gust is indicated later in the evening and through the night hours, alerts Yr.

In the first three, there may be wind speeds of 35 to 45 meters per second. Along the coast, it is notified the high water from Lindesnes in the south to the City, and waves of around 12 metres. Some of them can be up to 25 metres. In the Oslofjord it can be extreme water levels.

– Keep your distance – these are deadly, warns the joint rescue coordination centre Southern Norway.

Boaters are requested to check the moorings so that the rescue workers release the unnecessary actions in julestormen.

– Keep you at home

Norwegian public roads administration is asking people who don’t absolutely need to travel 2. on christmas day, to stay at home.

– It is important for us that people are traveling safely, so therefore, we want the least amount of traffic on the roads when the storm Urd, informs the Vegtrafikksentralen the West.

Only two mountain passes are open, so public roads administration are asking people who for one reason or another need to run to check both the weather and veimeldinger.

Some fergesamband is set, and the more it can be. Also, bridges may be closed when the wind becomes too strong. Something that also can offer challenges at the Flesland airport outside of Bergen.

– It’s been reported to the west wind, and we can stand at least. We get it right on the page, we will get some challenges. The pilots takes the decision about the aircraft, but the airport remains open, says operation commander Øystein Shards to NRK. Passengers are encouraged to monitor the websites of the airlines.

Norwegian national rail administration alerts yellow emergency on the bergen Railway line, the Sørlandsbanen and Arendalsbanen.

– We are ready

While they are waiting for handle the extreme weather, select also the civil defense to be proactive. In the county of Hordaland is 25 persons summoned to prepare to assist with, among other security and protection where there may be a need for it.

They gather on Monday morning to make ready the equipment, informs the commander Anne-Margrethe Bollmann in Hordaland sivilforsvarsdistrikt.

Police are asking people to secure all loose objects, particularly trampolines, because it can lead to dangerous situations. There are also encouraged that the contractors, byggmestere and others who have the scaffolding standing up, checks that these are properly secured for the storm.

Be prepared

According to the Norwegian water resources and energy directorate (nve) has the power companies contingency plans ready, but that it is a good idea to be prepared if the power still should go.

A tip is to have wood and gas oven in addition to electric heating. It is also a good idea to charge your phone and have extra battery packs charged to get in touch with us if you need help. A battery-powered radio is also a good idea to have to keep up to date in the storm.

also, be sure to have some water stored, flashlights and batteries and candles and matches. (©NTB)


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