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Formation of colonnes, strong winds, slippery roads and dangerous driving on the E6 – “

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Espatunnelen, Morskogtunnelen and Korslund is closed in the southbound direction due to a car in the oncoming lane.

We were only millimeters from crashing front to front. I tremble yet. Thanks to an evasive action from my son, can I speak with you now. This must be advised against, ” says Rune Østerhaug to Romerikes Blad.

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See ongoing veimeldinger at the bottom of the case.

It flows into with messages about the car driving in the oncoming direction of E6, wrote the police on Twitter at 21.09. They urged all to be aware and notified that they are on the way.

Vegtrafikksentralen notified at the same time that Espatunnelen, Morskogtunnelen and Korslund was closed in the southbound direction, reports NTB.

At 21.48 notify the police that they have driven the E6 and haven’t found the vehicle in question. It has not come messages about traffic delays. Police want tips from the public.

Lofoten: the Bus blew off the road

E10 in Lofoten was Tuesday afternoon closed for larger vehicles between Gullesfjordbotn and Svolvær because of the strong wind.

A bus and a trailerhenger blew off the road. There were eight passengers and a driver on board the bus, but there are currently no reports of injuries, reports Lofotposten.

Two passengers complained of neck pain and was sent to the checkup.

the newspaper’s journalist tells us about the very strong wind:

- It is as far as I manage to stand upright, ” he says.

the Police received a message on the bus at 15.

At 17 enrolled Veitrafikksentralen North that E10 at the Laupstad is closed due to towing. At 20 reports Lofotposten that E10 is open for free traffic again after bilbergingen is finished.

Norwegian Meteorological institute has gone out with note-warning of difficult driving conditions in Nordland Tuesday.

A bus with eight passengers on board was blown off the road on E10 by Laupstad in Vågan municipality in Lofoten Tuesday.


Two-hour delay over the mountain

On highway 7 over Hardangervidda is the formation of colonnes, sign Veitrafikksentralen West at 16.20.

At 19.30 reported that there is approximately a two-hour delay. The column takes 12 cars each way.

On the E6 highway across the Saltfjellet is the formation of colonnes, reports NRK Traffic. It is reported also that the column that should have been from the Sørelva at 16.30 is delayed.

Veitrafikksentralen reports that strynefjell road opens again at 20, informs the police in Gudbrandsdal.

Telemark: Slippery roads

Two people are transported to the emergency room after an accident in Bø I Telemark, sign Telemarksavisa. Police reports of very slippery roads on the site. The accident happened on the Lifjellveien just before at 15.30.

electric vehicle had a power failure in the tunnel

In Granfosstunnelen eastbound in Oslo got a electric car stop at the 20-time on Tuesday night after having been out of power. It led to all traffic stopped.

- It’s the rope now and leads will be reviewed for violation of the inspection authority, notify the police operasjonssentral on Twitter.

Really winter on the E136 between Dombås and Bjorli on Tuesday, after heavy wind and snowfall in the past day.

Paul Kleiven NTB scanpix

A woman in the 60s was run over by Ålvundeid in Sunndal. She was hit by a car that was skidding and ended up on the walkway, notify the police in the county of Møre and Romsdal. The woman was brought to the hospital after the accident.

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See up to date traffic information from the veitrafikksentralene and the NRK Traffic:

A Twitter List by tvitretrond

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