Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Increasing innvandrerskepsis in population – ABC News

this Year’s survey from STATISTICS norway about the population’s attitude to immigrants and immigration shows that one of three norwegians think it should be more difficult for refugees and asylum seekers to obtain residence.

Half of those surveyed believe the freedom to stay should be like in the day. Only twelve percent think it should be easier to get stay.

Fewer have a contact

the Survey also shows that more think most immigrants are a source of insecurity, 32 percent say, completely agree or rather agree, which is an increase from last year when 26 percent answered the same.

3 of the 10 are completely or fairly agree that immigrants abuse the Norwegian welfare system. 53 percent believe this is not the case.

the Percentage that are completely or fairly agree that “most immigrants make a useful contribution to Norwegian working life” decreased by 7 percentage points from last year.

another finding is that 72 percent report having contact with immigrants, there is a fall of 6 percentage points.

In 2015-survey it was revealed that norwegians in broad terms, was positive to the immigrants ‘ efforts.

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Not as many muslims as we think

at the same time as the survey from STATISTICS norway shows that there is a growing scepticism in the population to immigration and immigrants, shows a survey done by Ipsos that the norwegians to overstate the proportion of muslims in Norway.

In the survey it came out that australians believe muslims make up 12 per cent of Norway’s population, while the number in reality is 3.7 per cent, writes the newspaper Dagbladet in today’s print edition.

It means that norwegians think it is three times as many muslims in the Uk as it actually is.

On the question of how many muslims you think it will be in Norway in 2020 answers they asked for 16 per cent. There is a margin of error of 11 percent, according to Ipsos.

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