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Ask Søreide turn about veterans – Daily

There has been a great injustice to those who were not honored for their efforts during the second world war. This has been a betrayal of the veterans and a sore for the thousands of people who feel that fathers do not get the decoration they deserve. The wound will not be healed until the iniquity be corrected, ” says Lars Borgersrud.

Together with two other historians, have Borgersrud the last five years been affiliated with The department of defense historikerprosjekt. The purpose of the project, which was initiated by the present coalition government in 2011, was to assess the efforts of the patriots who did not receive decoration after the war.

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Believe the missing info

the Project has been led by a variety which has recently delivered a final report. The report is not public, but the expert group Borgersrud, have been asked to comment on it. In a joint statement dishes much sharp criticism against the committee’s recommendation to “do not assign multiple krigsdekorasjoner for effort during the second world war now.” Selection justify the recommendation that it is not possible to decorate some without creating new injustices against others, because it lacks the source material, it says in the statement the Daily newspaper has been given access to.

– We believe that it is in no way an impossible task to meet a minimum of justice for several groups of resistance fighters, and although it can be difficult to find information about some individuals, it is possible to identify the majority of them, ” says Borgersrud.

– Need to see past the Ussr

According to the selection although it may be to talk about as many as 1.100 to 1.200 veterans. Several of these belonged to the communist sabotasjegrupper.

– We must see past what political stance these people had or if they were engaged by the united Kingdom or the Soviet union. Both states were allied with Norway, and must therefore both these groups of australians are treated equally. It is the only position that historically will be perceived as fair, ” says Borgersrud.

According to historian experienced it still hurt for the many survivors that the krigskorset is awarded to soldiers who have served abroad in recent years, but not to the veterans who dedicated their whole life to fight the occupation of Norway.

– I can not understand that the Norwegian community and the ministry of Defence is served by keeping this conflict alive in the årrekker to come, ” says Borgersrud.

Ap demand answers

the expert group will have the support of the party’s Marit Nybakk, has long been engaged in efforts to recognize krigsveteranene. Nybakk delivered on Tuesday a written question to minister of defence Ine Eriksen Søreide (H) about the justification for these still not to dekoreres, wrote of the class struggle in go.

Nybakk think it is petty of Søreide, to deny them the decoration.

Talk about a lack of generosity. This is an embarrassing matter for the secretary of defense and the ministry of Defence. We thought all along that we should finally give theirs righteousness through this project, and so has the one in the ministry concluded that it should set the bar for the second world war without that happening. It is really bad, ” says Nybakk.

If not Søreide provides a good justification, will Nybakk pursue the matter further, ” she says.

– We’ll see what she responds, but I think she must grasp this. If not we need to take a interpellasjon in Parliament and force her to answer for himself, ” says Nybakk.

Did not participate in the meetings

Nybakk think it’s Søreide even who has instructed his own choice to abandon the project. The same mean Borgersrud. He tells us that ekspertgruppa have experienced the process as very disorderly. According to Borgersrud was not ekspertgruppa summoned to any meetings after regjeringsskiftet in 2013, before the in september of this year – just over three years later – got one week to get input for the committee’s final report which should be handed down Søreide.

– Here, it has obviously happened a lot of strange things, and at least two turnaround. When the new government took over, was a new leader inserted. After that, it was not we called in to several meetings. It may seem as if the minister has given signals that the project should be stopped. It is hard to believe that the military in the selection would made such a decision on your own, ” says Borgersrud.

He thinks of the many people who have played the candidates for decoration have reason to feel cheated.

Hundreds of people have put work in to suggest decorations. They are held for fun, ” he says.

– Speculation

the ministry of Defence does not want to comment on this matter.

– the Report is not made public and we will get back to publication in the beginning of 2017. We are commenting not speculation around historikerprosjektet, ” says senior adviser Marita Hundershagen to Dagsavisen.

– Can it be called speculation when the information comes from an expert group, the ministry has set itself down?

– We have not published the report and comments are not speculation, ” says Hundershagen.


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