Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hæ, juletorsk? – )

Shopping with annonselenker

Talk about the surprise of the hobbyfisker Bear Tingstad.

He tried his luck after juletorsken in Bunnefjorden on Wednesday night – but ended up with a several-hundred-pound greenland shark, according to NRK.

It is nothing less than a shark – and it can be the size of the largest white sharks.

- Haul in the country by the help of the car

It took many hours to get the fish of 3.5 metres in the country.

“We had to haul it ashore with the help of the car,” says his wife, Inger Marie Kveum Tingstad to Nettavisen.

it was already dying.

The huge beast can not be eaten, says she.

Now is the on the pier on Kjærnes, just next to where we live.

Out again!

the Prospects seem clear:

” We need to get “shuffled” it into the water again so that the crab and other interested parties can enjoy the good of it in these christmas, tell the wife to Nettavisen.

preparations for christmas are so many.


- How much weigh it, faith?

- We’re betting up against 300 pounds, but it is not so easy to know exactly. We’ll get the chance to not just weighted it, be chuckling she.

- Lay with your head down

Inger Marie Kveum Tingstad jobs in Løvstad naturbarnehage, and 24 lucky children got to visit the shark Thursday.

– They were kjempespent to get it. It was high tide, so we did not seen his face properly since it was lying with his head down, but they thought it was very fun to see such a big fish, ” says educational leader Linda Solem to NRK.

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