Sunday, December 25, 2016

Six from the Mid-Norway was lottomillionærer christmas eve: – Adresseavisen

the Case is updated.

christmas Eve was 30 lucky players over 1.3 million richer after superlotto results. Seven of the fresh millionærene took the phone when the Norsk Tipping’s employees in Hamar called them. One of these was a woman from Trondheim, informs the spillselskapet .

When they tried to get in contact with her again on christmas day, she replied the following when trekningsredaktøren called:

– It may not happen? To herrefred! Now I can the upgrade both the car and the cabin. Dear, I have to give away a little bit also, there are many old lonely, ” said the woman from Trondheim, norway when she was informed of the win .

today we are going to meet the whole family, and then we shall enjoy ourselves. 1.3 million, I have to just say thank you.

– Now, it was really full cheers in the living room

Five other winners from Mid-Norway black, however on the phone when they were called yesterday.

oh my gosh, I pray thee. Is it true?

It was the reaction to a woman from Malvik, after having received the message about the extra large christmas present.

I’m in the hospital now, so this was nice to hear, she said further as Norsk tipping is called.

Superlotto-the pot ended at approx. 40 million, and this was distributed under an additional draw christmas eve.

This was a bit of a gift to get on christmas eve, said a recent millionaire from Levanger, and added:

– Juhu, yes now, it was really full cheers in the living room.

– This was the christmas gift

Also three additional winners Møre and Romsdal were called, among other things, Terje Dahl from Smøla.

– Yes, it came suddenly on, but you can say the prize payouts a second time so that the children and svigerdøtre and everyone can hear it, he said to spillselskapets representative on the phone?

– Yes, you think of enmilliontrehundreogtrettitretusentrehundreogtredve money, was the answer – with the ensuing laughter in the background.

Also in Molde received a man millionbudskapet.

You not joking now? Have I really won 1.3 million. I’m quite shaky now. This was the christmas present, he said, satisfied.

Alexander Myrseth Dragsnes (27) from the Skodje municipality in Sunnmøre ran and opened the packages when he was notified of the prize.

– Is it true? To sky and sea! It was julegava say it! A thousand cordial! I’m with the family and open christmas presents now, and I have been very plenty fine, but this was also fine, he said, satisfied.

Two people got the christmas gift on christmas eve. They were about nine million richer after having received seven straight in the regular Lotto draw. The winners came from Buskerud, and Hordaland.


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