Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bus blown off the road in the Lofoten – Forward

A bus has blown off the road on E10, by Laupstad.

The notify the police on his log.

the Accident occurred something after 15.00 on Tuesday afternoon.

– There are currently no reports of injury, updated the police a few minutes later.

Fire and ambulance have arrived to the place, and announces eight passengers, all of which have come out of the bus.

– Police a bit delayed due to the fact that they had to check the status of people in a car that had driven off the closer to Svolvær, informs the police in his log.

– They were fortunately OK.

Clock 15.38 notify the police that the fire and ambulance are on site.

– Eight passengers is come out, join the police, according to Lofotposten.

the snow Conditions and the weather conditions to be very difficult because of the slush and snow in addition to strong wind gusts.


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