Saturday, December 24, 2016

Violent weather closed the mountain passes christmas eve – Romsdals Budstikke

– the Conditions up here are fierce. We are not able to keep the road open. In the middle of the road there is a meter of snow, and we don’t come through with the plow truck, ” says Olav Stana, shift supervisor for the snow removal crews on Haukeli, to NRK.

He says that it is not possible to come across Haukeli christmas eve. Rather not over the mountain, it is possible to run eve. The Norwegian public roads administration reports that there will be a new assessment on Sunday morning.

Boulders came tumbling out

Also the road 50 Hol-Aurland and highway 13 over Vikafjellet closed because of bad weather christmas eve. Highway 52 over Hemsedalsfjellet, E16 over Filefjell and route 53 Tyin-Årdal in Oppland and Sogn and Fjordane county is open for traffic.

On the morning of christmas eve, it went a steinras which closed highway 155 just off the Chester city centre. Several large boulders came tumbling out. The police stated that no one was injured in the landslide, reports NRK.

Saturday afternoon was the manual re-routing past the rasstedet. The road may be closed for up to an hour due to cleanup work.

Increased emergency preparedness

Meteorologists have increased the emergency preparedness and alerts full storm as can be to extreme weather, from 2. christmas day along the coast. The Norwegian meteorological institute has sent out a so-called phase A-notice to warn of the storm that is coming. Is there a ekstremvarsel get the storm a girls ‘ names on U, and the community is put in readiness.

Sunday is expected to be a stormsenter to the southeast of the Island. It is moving eastward and is expected on Monday afternoon into towards the coast of Møre and Romsdal.

From the Swedish border takes to Lindesnes may the water level is close to a metre over the height that is specified in the tidevannstabellene the coming days. For the stretch Lindesnes in the south to the City, the height is estimated slightly lower, at 75 centimeters.

Fierce wind

the Weather also creates problems for Hurtigruten. Two of hurtigruten’s ships have to celebrate christmas in Trondheim and one in Kristiansund.

The two ships that should have been from the Bergen little christmas eve and christmas day – the MS Trollfjord and MS Kong Harald – is stranded by the weather in Trondheim, norway. MS Lofoten, which was sailed from Bergen, the first christmas day, marooned in Kristiansund. Also MS Spitsbergen, which was sailed from Bergen in the romjulen, will remain in Trondheim, norway from the 1. on christmas day, ” says ms. Rune Thomas Ege in the Steamer to the NTB.

He says that the company has worked around the clock the last few days to contact guests and help as best they can with alternative transport.

Police in Stavanger announces christmas eve that the roof tiles blowing off roofs in the city. Friday night blew a here of the way by Randaberg and hit a lyktestolpe. No one was injured in the accident.

not when the christmas tree on the square in Sandefjord blew over end on the same night, was anyone injured, writes VG.


the NVE announces big snøskredfare in Sogn and Fjordane, Hordaland and Rogaland.

the Alert will have the strength red, which is the highest varselsgraden. It means that the snow is very unstable, and that it is very likely that there will come the avalanche.

Snøskredfaren is the greatest on christmas eve and 1. christmas day.


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