Saturday, December 24, 2016

The government will delete uskuldiges DNA-only profiles – NRK

1999: the DNA register was created, after the DNA had been used as evidence in criminal proceedings in slightly more than 10 years. In order to be registered you must be convicted of serious offences such as murder, terrorism, seksualbrot or robbery.

2008: DNA-reforma enters into force and the threshold is greatly senka for that norwegians may lie in the DNA register. Parliament says yes to everyone who gets a punishment, but also førelegg. (Attorney general’s guidelines do not so wide)

2009: In the internal reports appears that what then was the name of the Forensic institute, and which still have a monopoly on DNA analysis for the police, and had a register of DNA-only profiles.

2010: the Inspectorate drew on the supervision of the institute.

2011: The VG called DNA scandal, is known. Thousands of uskuldige norwegians have their DNA profile stored, but they have known about it.

2012: Clients come with their final decision where they claim that the DNA register shall be deleted. Now have the Norwegian institute of public health taken over the responsibility.

2013: After the Norwegian institute of public health have were and appeal your case, provide the privacy appeals board the Option of support, and also they require deletion.

2014: Kripos send a letter to the Norwegian institute of public health and ask that slettinga to go faster.

2015: Now is finally the institute started with slettinga.

2016: the national archives blend in, and claim that slettinga, who is not yet finished, must be stopped.

Source: Aftenposten and VG


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