Thursday, December 22, 2016

Parents it ” to have forgifta daughter – NRK

On intensivavdelinga at a hospital in the Inland, lies a young woman and fighting for life. According to the police it is now the fifth time in a few months she is livstrugande sick after having been in a medicine her body will not endure.

How she has ingested the drug, are the police going to find out.

the Police started investigation in the middle of november when they had received bekymringsmelding from the hospital about kvinnas health. Blood tests called when one antibiotic in the blood as the woman reacted very negatively.

In this case is the totality that makes that allegation is against the parents, ” says politiadvokat Marte Johansen in the Inland police.

Photo: Jorun Vang / NRK

blood samples and avhøyr, especially by professionals around the woman, and the water on this type of medicine, made the politiadvokat Marte Johansen in Inland police now have it ” parents to have forgifta daughter.

We investigate the subject, and don’t know if the drug is given deliberately or inadvertently, ” says Johansen.

They are, nevertheless, ensure that the parents understand that his daughter hosted a success of the medicine.

the Parents do everything for his daughter

NRK has spoken with the parents. They say they have fought for in ever side, she was sick with ME (chronic utmattingssyndrom) in 2004. Afterwards, they used all of the time and money to get his daughter well, and think they have done everything they could to help her.

They say that the substance that is found in blodprøvane, not something they have given her. They think the suit must have a different explanation, and don’t look away from that it may have a connection with a behandlingsopphald abroad.

– They have known themselves makteslause when they’ve seen how his daughter has become worse from year to year, ” says the family’s lawyer Ida Helene Braastad Balke.

Photo: Ragnhild Moen Holø

– When they have tried everything without benefit, the parents resorted to experimental treatment abroad for to see if it can help his daughter, says foreldras lawyer, Ida Helene Braastad Balke.

She says the parents are not einige in siktinga, and despondent about that they should not have managed to acquire the help in need.

Limited visit

Politiadvokat Marte Johansen says this is an urgent and difficult matter. Medical it is difficult, as the drug that is found in the blood, is a substance that is not used much in Norway. The issue is difficult also the legal and human, ” says Johansen.

the Police will continue with avhøyr and technical work.

the Parents get to see of his daughter to the hospital two times a week. They kroppsvisiterast on the way in, and have a result by the police. The visit is tidsavgrensa to an hour every time.

an opposing defender says that even if the parents do not have contact with his daughter, think they that his daughter has become worse. Braastad Balke says the parents are committed, that they still get to have contact with his daughter, and that etterforskinga host done thoroughly.


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