Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ulveopprøret in the Right to be taken up at the highest level – Daily

the Young Right-leader Kristian Tonning Riise says ulvedebatten now be taken at the highest level in the party for this County the Right powerful reaction to that climate and miljøministeren before christmas, said no to trap four ulveflokker.

– You have realised at the highest levels that this is a difficult issue for the party, and that the problem can be long lasting. No one wants to go into an election year with an open division of what we perceive as absolutely central Right values, ” says the head of Young Right and sentralstyremedlem in the Right, Kristian Tonning Riise, to the class struggle.

Lovavdelingen in the ministry of Justice and public security decided that skadepotensialet not big enough for the four ulveflokker in Hedmark can be launched, which created both joy and rage. In Hedmark the Right, several opted out of the party in protest.

– Opprørsstemningen is real. This is about important principles, such as respect for property ownership and enkeltmenneskets rights, ” says Riise.

Helgesen has summoned to the meeting of the parties to the Right, Ap, Frp and KrF, which is behind the ulveforliket, the 4. January.



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