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Ap-the mayor with the shocking statement about the Norwegian laws: – They are to break – VG

Mayor Oddvar Myklebust (Ap) would keep the severance package secret. When he was confronted with the issue he stated that “English law is to be broken”.

After the chief councilor in Sandy, Ann-Heidi Paulsen Orvik, went on the day she got with severance pay for 18 months. The ceo, which corresponds to approximately 1.6 million according to the newspaper the North, is not affected though she may get a new job in the period.

the Newspaper Sunnmørsposten writes that rådmannen quit after what was described as a conflict in the municipality. The public version is that the parties came to an agreement to terminate the employment relationship.

the Agreement, which dealt with the Paulsen Orviks severance package also meant that the amount she was awarded was to be kept away from the public.

Both the newspaper the Northern and Sunnmørsposten searched for access in the sluttpakken on the basis of the public enterprises act. When the application for access came to Sandøy municipality was the first off. The newspapers complained about the refusal, as was the County governor of Møre and Romsdal the case. Only a short time after dumped rådmannens sluttavtale down on the inbox.

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the Mayor about the law: – to be broken

When the newspaper the North confronted the mayor Oddvar Myklebust about why the final agreement was held back for the public and that it is a violation of the law, they got the following response:

“The driter I. We shall take care of the employers. What the newspaper believes, is to me abundantly indifferent”.

the Reporter asked whether the mayor Myklebust knowingly violate the law.

– They are to be broken when they can be broken. That is how it is. When it is for a good cause, violates the it all together, both the prime minister, the Parliament and the government. There is something called self defence in a few seconds.

Mayor Oddvar Myklebust says to VG that the statements were as they were because the newspaper deliberately trying to create major headlines, and that it was not the intention to avoid the public after it was informed about the agreement at a group meeting in the municipality.

the Journalist is looking to make big headlines, ” says the mayor to VG about why he ordla themselves in this way and adds:

It came a bit out of control, and it is not the first time.

the Mayor forgot to turn off the microphone: – It is the only b.s. meters

Would inform the first

Myklebust has been the mayor in Sandøy municipality in the three periods. He clarifies that he is not deliberately want to break the law, but that they wanted to inform their own before the matter came out in the media. On the question whether he knows on a particular responsibility as the mayor, he says that he does not intend to circumvent the law.

“We know the public and know that it is important,” says mayor Myklebust to the VG.

Editor Robin Røkke in the local newspaper the Northern states to the Sunnmørsposten that the mayor is free to believe that the questions of the newspaper is rogue.

– We ask the questions we believe are, in turn, interesting. Transparency in public administration is one of the most important thing the press can work for. Only that way can we avoid the abuses of power, corruption, sloppiness and nepotism, ” says Røkke to Sunnmørsposten.

To the VG adds that he is not looking to make headlines for overskriftens sake.

” We’re trying to create a current local newspaper with real news. It is a measure for the local press to gain insight into what happens in the public sector. I can understand that it is unpleasant that we keep on writing about things like this. But if it can not withstand the light of day, so I think that they should put on the agreement itself. The public has a right to know what agreements are signed, ” says Røkke and add:

– We write only the facts, we can’t find on the things. I think it is worse if the mayor is delighted with everything we write in the local newspaper.

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