Thursday, December 29, 2016

The supposed drowned person even called the police – VG

It was put in once the full rescue operation after the supposed dead person in Lyseren.

the Clock 14.45 notify the police in Follo that a person has signed up shortly after the rescue operation was completed. The caller tells that it was he who went through the water, and that he is unharmed. He came out of the water on your own.

It was just before at 12 o’clock on Wednesday morning that got the police message from a man who had observed a issprekk and two ski poles on the lake Lyseren in Spydeberg.

Police said they feared that a person has gone through the ice, and all the emergency services turned out to Hemnestangen.

– We are working on the site together with the fire department as have divers in the turn. There was a man nearby who had seen the lead and the two rods, and reporting from, said operasjonsleder, Steffen Øvstedal, in the East police district to the VG.

at 14, worked the rescue workers still on-site. Øvstedal said time was working against them with the intention of finding survivors.

– so far We have not received any savnetmeldinger. But the findings at the site may, unfortunately, indicate that someone has gone through the ice, ” says operasjonslederen.

According to the innsatsleder Ketil High, it was life-saving the search over. Smaalenenes Newspaper writes that the rather now searching for the casualties.

Just after reports a man for police, who says that he has gone through the ice. The person is undamaged.

Smaalenenes Newspaper spoke with a witness who had seen several people out on the ice on the lake today.

I have been in the ice earlier in the winter, but it has been mildly a period of time now, so when travelling I’m not out there, ” says the man who lives close by Lyseren to the newspaper.

It will be uncertain ice on the spot.

Lyseren lies partly in Spydeberg in Østfold county and partly in Enebakk in Akershus. The lake is 50 feet deep, according to the Lyseren grunneierforening.

<p>All nødetatene responded when they received a message about a possible drowning. Divers søelevated for over two hours in Lyseren.</p>

All emergency services responded when they received a message about a possible drowning. Divers searched for over two hours in Lyseren.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen, NTB scanpix


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