Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Meteorologists: Urd is considered as over – NRK

Early this morning indicate things that South Norway has released a relatively cheap away ekstremværets ravages of war.

On the west coast south of Stad decreases the wind and the waves decrease, while the Win still can get powerful gust of wind in the morning hours.

– It is now the northwest small to full storm vulnerable locations, which in the course of the night diminishes to a small breeze, lit institute at 1.40-time Monday night.

Stormsenteret is now located over the southeastern parts of Sweden. Where it goes further south and weaken gradually.

Better than feared

Police in Hordaland report on Twitter that they have logged 110 events in the course of the night. It has mostly dealt with trees that have blown over the roads and power lines. There are no registered injuries in the county.

Also in Rogaland and Sogn and Fjordane has gone better than feared.

In Rogaland, ferries and trains have been adjusted because of the strong wind. The fire department has had to respond to several messages about the loose items that is taken by the wind, but after midnight does not have the police registered any events related to the Urd.

Also in Møre and Romsdal was a lot of fergesamband set in anticipation that the wind would løye.

A large road sign was in the middle of the night torn down over the E18 to the north by Vinterbrosletta. By 09.30-time was the sign gone and the road open again.

In the several counties notify the police of the several trafikale problems as a result of trees that have blown over the roads.

In Froland in Aust-Agder county blew a tree over the house at the 02-the time in night, but no one was injured and there was not a hole in the ceiling.

There are no reports of serious injury as a result of the storm.

One person got a cut in the head after a car with three people drove into a tree in the road by Rutledal in Gulen in Sogn and Fjordane. The road was closed after the accident.


Statsmeteorolog Siri Wiberg Horjen says to NRK at 07-time that even if handle the extreme weather is over blowing it is still quite powerful Win.

the Storm was pretty powerful. It has blown hurricane in several places and it has also been very strong gusts of over 50 meters per second.

Horjen says handle the extreme weather was more powerful than expected.

– We alerted up against a strong storm, but it has blown hurricane in some places. Gusts of wind were thought 45 meters per second in the West, but it has thus blown over it, ” she says.

It has blown hurricane in California and in the mountains in Southern Norway. Hemsedal has had very powerful gust of wind. By 07-time there was a gust of 38 meters per second at Hemsedal ski centre.

Closed mountain passes

Several mountain passes are still closed or have formation of colonnes.

the E6 across Dovrefjell, RV7, RV9 over Haukeli, FV50 Hol-Aurland, FV53 Tyin-Årdal is all closed until further notice due to the storm.

On the E16 over Filefjell and RV52 over Hemsedalsfjellet is the formation of colonnes.

the Norwegian public roads administration reports that a number of fergesamband also set in due to handle the extreme weather.

Some flights are also set now in the morning hours.


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