Friday, December 23, 2016

Parents charged with having poisoned her daughter – VG

A parents in the county of Oppland, norway is charged with having poisoned her daughter. The young woman is life-threatening injured, according to NRK.

the Woman, who has been a medicine for her body can not withstand, is located on a intensivsykehus in the Hinterland, writes NRK.

According to the police, it is the fifth time in a few months that the woman is life-threatening sick. They started their investigation in mid-november, when they got a bekymringsmelding from the hospital.

blood samples from the woman showed an antibiotic to which she reacted very negatively. After having completed the interrogation of professionals around the young woman and other experts in medicine, chose the police to withdraw a charge.

We investigate the subject, and don’t know if the drug is given deliberately or inadvertently, ” says politiadvokat Marte Johansen to NRK.

the Police are still confident that the parents have understood that their daughter was bad of medicine.

NRK has also talked with the woman’s parents, who believe they have fought for her daughter’s health since she became ill with chronic utmattningssyndrom in 2004. They claim to not have given her daughter the drug found in blood samples.

– When they have tried everything without avail, the parents resorted to experimental treatment in Poland. Parents do not have complete overview of what medications she has been given where, say, the parents ‘ lawyer Ida Helene Braastad Balke to VG.

her Daughter has been seriously ill for a long time. It’s not like that she suddenly have been life-threatening ill after having ingested these medicines, she adds.

the Lawyer describes the situation as extremely demanding for foreldreparet.

– They feel completely powerless. They have spent all their time and energy to help her daughter, and then it is tough to be suspected to stand behind a poisoning, ” she says.

the Parents get to visit their daughter in the hospital two times a week, with a time limit of one hour per visit, ” says Braastad Balke. The police continued with their interrogation, and technical investigations.


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