Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Terje Søviknes laws offensive for both oil, gas and climate – NRK

The new oil and energy minister Terje Søviknes (Frp) emphasized that klimaområdet also is important for an oil minister when he on Tuesday took over the key to the ministry from the outgoing Tord Lien (FrP).

at the same time clarifies Søviknes that he will follow the government’s line in climate policy and that he believes in man-made climate change.

– There are some natural fluctuations in climate change, but there are also human activities that affect the climate, he believes.

– Continued oil exploration is important

The former mayor of Os in Hordaland through 17 years of age would not come with some may well programerklæring on his first day as minister.

But he is aware that the oil industry is still important for the country.

– It is important to open the areas in which we can for oil and the global business community. I’m a little frustrated over nedsnakkingen of this industry. We still need wise heads and will stay on for many decades. We must ensure the stability and good framework conditions as well as create new prospects.

will not Touch the Lofoten islands

at the same time rejects him, that exploration outside Lofoten and Vesterålen is applicable.

– It will not happen in this regjeringsperioden.

He emphasises that the consequences for his hjemfylke and the region as a result of the oil crisis is something the locals have come to know on the body.

– The increasing unemployment rate has been tough. From being a sought-after engineer, you suddenly become unemployed.

Think electricity prices may increase

He draws it to bet on renewable energy, but will not say whether he believes that electricity prices should be up also in Norway.

– It is the market who decides and who controls this, and I have not, from my point of view, any opinion on, he says to BT.

But the construction of utenlandskabler, which is part of his responsibility, will affect the prices.

” It is important for Norway, with power cables to and from abroad in order to be able to export and take power into, not least with regard to preparedness. At the same time it can drive prices up.


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