Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Possible attached fires in the Oslo – Sunnmørsposten

– First, we got the message about a konteiner in the fire, and not far away burned it in a trashcan. It is highly likely that both are set ablaze, ” says operasjonsleder Gjermund Stokkli in the Oslo police to the NTB. Both the fires in the Dr. Dedichens way on the Trosterud was extinguished after a short time.

” We don’t know how many are behind. Now we are looking for tracks and people, ” says Stokkli clock 23.40 on Wednesday.

Also in august, there were several attached fires in the same street. When the three were søppelkasser and a avistralle who stood up to a wall that is set ablaze. Also konteineren that was set on fire on Wednesday, was close to a husvegg.

Police look very serious in this, ” says operasjonslederen.

two weeks ago there were several fires in Oslo, which was closed. A person was arrested, but Stokkli can so far not say whether there is any connection between the events. (©NTB)


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