Sunday, December 25, 2016

Driver for full to blow in alkometeret – VG

After having driven in drunk state, ended the journey for the man in the end of 20-years in a neighbor’s garage.

the Driver in Skjetten should probably have let the car stand when he on the night of the first christmas day was to get home after the end of the christmas celebration.

the Man at the end of the 20-years had in fact so high an alcohol level that he was unable to blow in the alkometeret to the police.

It was Romerikes Blad, who first reported the incident.

When he came home crashed him in the garage of a neighbor, and was standing with the car in the garage door. He has then gone around and put a little bit in the area, ” says operasjonsleder Per Stenslet in the East police district to the VG.

the Incident took place in the three-time night of Saturday to Sunday, and the police got the message about fyllekjøringen after a witness reported the crash.

the Police quickly gained control on the driver, but he was so make full that he was unable to blow in the alkometeret our, says Stenslet and says that the man, therefore, was taken to the emergency room to give a blood sample.

Exactly how drunk the man was when he drove the car is not yet clarified.

– When we don’t get the drivers to blow, it’s often that they don’t want to. It does not seem to have been the case here, where the man simply has been too full, ” says Stenslet.

After the visit at the emergency room, the man was session. The driver is now reviewed and the police have taken the seizure of the driving license of his.


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