Saturday, December 31, 2016

Large parts of the factory are totalskadd – Firda

Last: At half past two notify the police that the fire department has control over fire, and working with ettersløkking in the factory which has been in full gear since early Saturday morning.

Evacuated neighbours

Naudetatane reputation out, and the fire department from the town’s surroundings came quickly to the place. They thought they had control of fire in morgontimane, but just before at eleven Saturday came the message that the fire blussa sharply up again, and that the four bustadar is evacuated in case the fire should spread.

- We will not take any chances. Because of the unknown amounts of ammonia in some refrigerator in fryselageret, want we to keep the people further away, says the police operasjonsleder Bengt Ness in ellevetida.

Ammonia is a fargelaus, toxic and combustible gas with stikkande smell, and the fire long in the new fryselageret where this gas would be.

- There have been some eksplosjonar at the place, and we have not a full overview of what is in there. Therefore the work crew to ensure the buildings, ” explains Kai Henning Myklebust by the police operasjonssentral just before the clockwise one.

Fire department worked for that the fire not spread, and there was tilkalla assistance from Brought.

Drunk guy

It was half past seven time Saturday morning that alarm in Sogn og Fjordane had the message that the Løkeland krabbefabrikk on the discussion herland on Atløy in Askvoll municipality was in full guy.

Myklebust by the police operasjonssentral tell that the building is divided into four, two new and two old parts, which have different damage.

- Part one, which consists of the old fryseriet, office, and fish, is totalskadd. Part two, which is the old produksjonslokalet, is also totalskadd. Part three, the new fryseriet, is partially damaged. And part four, the new produksjonslokalet, is still intact.

the Burn still: At half past eleven burn it still has in the new fryselageret in the factory.

the Burn still: At half past eleven burn it still has in the new fryselageret in the factory. (Photo: )

Woke up by the sound

Kristian Tviberg and Andrine Aas Wie, who is on the romjulsferie in the area, there was a dramatic end to the year.

- We woke up by the sound. First thought we hagla violently out, but we found quickly out that the fire and called the fire department, says Andrine Aas Wie.

It is presently not known how the fire must have occurred.

Firda has been in contact with the owner of the krabbefabrikken, but he wishes not to comment on the incident.

the Ferry has gone in one

the Ferry which runs in the current Askvoll – Gjervik – Groove has been shuttling after the fire began, and has brought both brannfolk, brannutstyr, by programme land and police to the Atløy.

Ambulansebåten has also caught up out to the discussion herland.

– It’s nice to see that emergency preparedness and response works, and that naudetatane has come in place, even if we are on an island, ” says Sandra Stølen, which is the home for discussion herland on christmas holidays.

Sigurd Løkeland AS

Sigurd Løkeland as previously Sigurd Løkeland Cannery – owned

and run by the third generation of Løkeland.

Tor Løkeland is the managing director.

the Factory has been around since 1922, when Sigurd Løkeland established it.

According to the company did say the website is hovudproduktet in the day fresh, frozen and

canned crab.

the Company did write on their website that they have around 25 employees in the

the production phase for krabbeprodukta. The season stretching from august to april.


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