Saturday, December 24, 2016

Several households in Western norway were without electricity on christmas eve – NRK

Several hundred households on the west coast had to stay up late or alternative christmas food christmas eve after having lost power.

In the house of Jarle Birgir Holmeset on Grytestranda in Haram municipality, all the power went out right after midnight. 17.

– the Candles began to flicker a few times before it got dark. But luckily, that was our food ready, ” says Holmeset to NRK.

the Power came on again two hours later, but then it was julemiddagen consumed.

We ate in the dark with a candle and flashlight to light up the room, tells Holmeset.

600 households without electricity

Over 600 households in Gulen, Radøy and Masfjorden were without power on the evening of christmas eve. In Gulen was reported strømløse households already just before at 11 am christmas eve, while it was switched off the clock 12.20 on Radøy.

In Masfjorden, it was switched off just after the bells had called the christmas clock 17.

the Newspaper Strilen writes that it has taken longer than expected to correct the errors.

May be due to lynnedsslag

the power company BKK disclose to the NTB that the cause of the cuts is likely is lightning in several transformers, as well as the sudden gust that has torn down trees over power lines.

– We have called in extra crews that are out and trying to correct the errors. It is of course very sad that the power would go on such an important day, ” says Jarle Hodne, pr advisor at BKK to NRK.

– We do everything we can to get back the power. We hope that people make the best out of the situation and that it becomes a cosy christmas eve yet, ” says Hodne.

BKK informs on its website that most of the people who were strømløse on Western christmas eve, had in the 21-time got the power back.


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