Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ap-mayor: – The shit I in – Hegnar Online

The shit I am in, the black mayor Oddvar Myklebust to the local newspaper.The chief councilor Ann-Heidi Paulsen Orvik in Sandøy got severance pay of 18 months when she went on the day. The agreement provides her closer to 1.3 million in just salary, without the pension income, vacation pay, and more included. The agreement sought the municipality to keep the secret, write Sunnmørsposten.

Several newspapers, including the Sunnmørsposten and the local newspaper the Northern, was still transparent in the final agreement. North asked Myklebust, though he was aware that there was a breach of Norwegian law to keep the agreement secret.

The shit I am in. We shall take care of the employers. What many think is me klinkande indifferent, ” said the mayor to the local newspaper.

What with Norway’s laws, was oppfølgingsspørsmålet.

– They are to brytas when they can brytas. It is like this only. When it is for a good purpose, violates them all together, both the prime minister, the Parliament and the government.

Myklebust stands for it and he answered and said he was not misquoted, but points out at the same time that he did not knowingly broke the law.

– No, it was not deliberate. We did it for we would brief the council about forhandlingsresultatet before it came out in the media, ” he says to Sunnmørsposten. (©NTB)


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