Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Eksadvokat indicted for embezzlement from dødsbo – the Future in the North

the 46-year-old transferred in september 2013 50,000 nok to the separate account from a dødsbo where he was engaged as a lawyer, called it in the indictment. The relationship can be described as rough because the man abused the trust that came with his position as a lawyer, called it in the indictment, according to NRK.

In the January 2015 transfer man 350.000 kroner from the foundation Gudrun Low endowment to the private account. The purpose of the foundation is to help the infirm and sick in Frivold Circuit in Grimstad municipality.

In addition, he is indicted for a variety of violations of laws related to accounting, bookkeeping and for having given the tax authorities incorrect or incomplete information for the foundation Gudrun Low endowment, where he sat as chairman of the board.

46-year-old lost advokatbevillingen in 2014 and has recognized the underslaget of 350.000 million.

– He has laid the cards on the table and will take his punishment. The relationship is settled as a tilståelsessak, said the man’s lawyer, Odd Holck-Steen, to Fædrelandsvennen in the last year. (©NTB)


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