Monday, December 26, 2016

Urd is right outside the coast – Romsdals Budstikke

Meteorologists gave her name Sunday morning, but it is only on Monday afternoon, the waiting that Urd seriously going to give herself to know on the west coast. And when she first comes, it’s like a full-and periodically strong storm. In the Southern and Eastern regions can Urds gust is indicated later in the evening and through the night hours, alerts Yr.

In the first three, there may be wind speeds of 35 to 45 meters per second. Along the coast, it is notified the high water from Lindesnes in the south to the City, and waves of around 12 metres. Some of them can be up to 25 metres. In the Oslofjord it can be extreme water levels.

– Keep your distance – these are deadly, warns the joint rescue coordination centre Southern Norway.

Boaters are requested to check the moorings so that the rescue workers release the unnecessary actions in julestormen.

– We are ready

110-centre in Hordaland has, in the course of the evening and the night to the other, on christmas day helped to ensure a garasjetak in Bergen, norway, and further out in the ocean had naustdører in Austrheim held in place. Still tells operasjonsleder Morten Crown in the West standings that it is currently fairly quiet before the storm.

– Currently, we have not had any issues, we can attribute any particular storm, but if Urd comes for a visit, we are ready to accept.

on Sunday evening sent his own agency out a call to secure loose objects and prepare for the announced storm with powerful winds and heavy rainfall.

– It is specifically advised that the contractors, byggmestere and others who have the scaffolding standing up, checks that these are properly secured for the storm, wrote operasjonsleder Lars Geitle. He reminded also that it can be dangerous to go too close to shore when large waves turn into over countries and added that “it may also it is a good idea to avoid trips in the high mountains”.

Closed roads and ferries

A number of mountain passes are already closed. Among other things, is highway 7 over Hardangervidda and highway 13 over Vikafjellet closed, and they will not be opened again 2. christmas day. The same applies for Vågslidtunnelen in the stretch Haukelifjell, important issues 134. On highway 9 from Hovden to Haukeli is the formation of colonnes because of bad weather.

Some fergesamband is set, and the more it can be. Also, bridges may be closed when the wind becomes too strong. Something that also can offer challenges at the Flesland airport outside of Bergen.

It is reported west wind, we can stand at least. We get it right on the page, we will get some challenges. The pilots takes the decision about the aircraft, but the airport remains open, says operation commander Øystein Shards to NRK. Passengers are encouraged to monitor the websites of the airlines.

the Norwegian national rail administration alerts yellow emergency on the bergen Railway line, the Sørlandsbanen and Arendalsbanen.

civil defense

While they are waiting for handle the extreme weather, select also the civil defense to be proactive. In the county of Hordaland is 25 persons summoned to prepare to assist with, among other security and protection where there may be a need for it.

They gather on Monday morning to make ready the equipment, informs the commander Anne-Margrethe Bollmann in Hordaland sivilforsvarsdistrikt.


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