Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Two buses and a trailer blew off the road – VG

handle the extreme weather Urd is still in the north.

The last day of handle the extreme weather Urd ravaged several places in the country. Also in the North of Norway the wind has created trouble.

Tuesday were gusts of wind so strong that a bus blew by the E 10 by Laupstad Vågan municipality in Lofoten in Nordland.

– We have very smooth roads and lots of wind. It led to a bus blew off the road, tells operasjonsleder in the Troms police district Anne Karlsen VG.

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There were eight passengers plus a driver in the bus.

– Fortunately it was low speed. Two of the passengers complained of pain in the neck and was rushed to the doctor for check. A couple with an infant would also consult a doctor, says operasjonslederen to VG.

So this? Sign blew over end – blocked E18

But it did not stop there. After that the bus drove off the road, there was a part queue. It led to a goods with a trailer also got problems.

– While the police were on the site and it came to pass that a goods trailer got trailer blown off the road. It is strong and gusty wind from the side and very smooth in the area, ” says operasjonsleder Karlsen VG.

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Not until the situation with the bus and vogntoget was clarified, the police in Troms police district into a similar message. Even a bus was blown off the road, this time on the RV 82 by Fish in the Islands.

There were six people in the bus, but everyone should, according to the police have come unharmed from the incident.

Police are now warning heavy vehicles to run on these exposed places before the wind has lied. During the evening the wind will diminish, but one must still reckon with the really bad weather, according to meteorologists.

There is quite a strong wind from the northwest, the wind is up in the stiff breeze. Now it will dwindle out over the evening, but early tomorrow morning the wind will increase again. Tomorrow afternoon it will come up in what may look like a full storm, ” says the on-duty meteorologist Rafael Grothe about the weather in the area.


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