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“Urd” is raging over the Eastern part in the night Newspaper.en

(Dagbladet): handle the extreme weather Urd blew to hurricane strength several places in the country and caused major destruction in South-Norway on Monday evening. At the same time is around 70 000 norwegians without power, according to the Norwegian water resources and energy directorate (NVE).

Winds have calmed down considerably in Vest-Agder, Rogaland, Hordaland, and Sogn and Fjordane, first in the northern counties. The Norwegian meteorological institute reports that handle the extreme weather is over, but at the same time breeds “Urd” over Eastern norway.

Ekstremvær «Urd» på ødeleggelsestokt. Blåste shopping center-roof to the værs

On the South, in Telemark and Aust-Agder, in the course of the night getting high winds from the west and northwest with gusts of 25-35 meters per second, writes the Norwegian Meteorological institute at the weather service Yr.

By 3.30 time notify the police in Follo that a road sign on the 10×4 metres has fallen down, and block the entire roadway that go in the direction of the North. The police are on the site.

- E18 from Vinterbrosletta blocked until further notice. Detour via route 156 (Høyungsletta) or the E6 further through Nøstvedttunnelen, join the police on Twitter.

Still powerful

the Norwegian Meteorological institute reports immediately after at 01: 00 and that the worst of the storm is now over. Nevertheless, it is currently too early to breathe out on the Eastern part of norway.

The wind blows over the Eastern part of norway in the night, as expected. There may still be strong gusts of 25-35 meters per second over the central eastern norway, so the alert here still applies, ” says statsmeteorolog Jan-Erik Brandt to Dagbladet at 01.45.

Blew across the road: handle the extreme weather Urd stopped almost up traffic between Farsund and seeking energy independence on highway 43 after a tree blew across the road Monday. Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB scanpix Show more

handle the extreme weather considered over on the west coast south of Stad. The wind and the waves are decreasing, but it is still the northwest small to full storm exposed locations, alerts the Norwegian Meteorological institute.

In Aust-Agder, Telemark and in the Eastern regions, it has not come properly in time, but things are going on beyond the night. You can get powerful gust of wind in the lowlands win, and it can be a little off and on, ” says statsmeteorolog Frode Hassel to NTB.

It also reported high waves of between 9 and 11 metres.

Stormsenteret passing Southern Norway during the night and located over the southeastern parts of Sweden. Where it goes further south and weaken gradually.

WATERPROOF: It is high water, and several cars are under water at Fjeldberg in Norway other christmas day in conjunction with handle the extreme weather “Urd”. Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix Show more

is Indicated in the Sweden

on Monday night, beating Urd against Sweden with great force. Along the Swedish west and south coast there was significantly higher water levels than normal, and a large number of ferries is set. There were reports of flooding in Gothenburg, among other things, stood around the dock at the Germany-terminal under water, writes NTB.

Several bus and trains are set and a variety of veibroer is or may be closed because of the danger that trees will topple over the roads.

- If you absolutely have to go out and run, so one should select the major roads with separate lanes, ” says Agneta Eklund, the Swedish Trafikverket Monday night.

Also in Denmark created handle the extreme weather big problems. The west coast of the Jutland peninsula was hardest hit Monday night, and police have asked people to stay indoors.

the øresund bridge that extends from Malmö in Sweden to Copenhagen was closed just after the clock 22: 00 to Monday, and open at the earliest at 4.30 era on the night of Tuesday, informs the Swedish and Danish veimyndigheter.

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