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Police in the south had hundreds of these stormy messages. – The flagpole mi … – Dagbladet.en

(Dagbladet): yesterday evening devastated “Urd” on the South coast and on the west coast. In the night was the south Eastern part of the trip, where among other things, a road sign, slid down on the E18 at Vinterbro.

the Police in Southern-Norway got hundreds of these stormrelaterte messages yesterday evening, and in the night.

handle the extreme weather “Urd” blew to hurricane strength several places in the country and caused major destruction in South-Norway on Monday evening. Around 70 000 norwegians were without power.

«Urd» breeds from på Østlandet - E18 blocked

gusts of Wind calmed down considerably in Vest-Agder, Rogaland, Hordaland, and Sogn and Fjordane, in the course of the night. The Norwegian meteorological institute reports that handle the extreme weather is over, which is good news for the police in the district.

- We have logged 110 missions related to the storm. There are no reports of injuries, but it is a part of the material damages, ” says operasjonsleder Morten Crown in the West police district to the Newspaper.

According to The new york times had the police, fire brigade and civil defense over 200 missions in connection with “Urd”.

Politioppdrag in the south

Also in the South-West police district, the police have many uværsmeldinger.

- We have logged 65 messages, and we jerked out of 16 stormrelaterte mission, ” says operasjonsleder Brit Randulff.

Ekstremvær «Urd» of for ødeleggelsestokt. Blåste shopping center-roof to the værs

She tells us that the roof tiles, byggeplater, a trampoline and a roof was taken by the wind, but the storm has not caused any major property damage or personal injury.

In the Agder police district went quite quiet for themselves.

- We have logged ten messages. The messages go out on the tree that has toppled across roads and among other things, a partyflåte that have blown on the land, ” says operasjonsleder Audun Owned.

In the county of Sogn and Fjordane went it is also quieter for than feared.

- We got away this time, ” says operasjonsleder Bengt Næs, who can only report about some trees that have toppled, and some loose ceiling tiles.

In the county of Vestfold, the police have a scores of messages.

- most we have only played further to the veitrafikksentralen that have gone out with the chainsaw, ” says operasjonsleder Per Album which even got the feel of the storm.

the Flagpole mi blew down in the night, be chuckling.

Roads open again

There are two tons of heavy the sign that blew down and blocked the E18 at Vinterbro in the night, is removed, and the road has been open for traffic since a little after the clock 09 in the morning.

The other good veinyheten in South-Norway.. ravages of war, is that the E6 highway over the Mountains was opened again to traffic at 10.30-the time Tuesday, says trafikkoperatør Trude Lindstad in Vegtrafikksentralen East to the Newspaper.

Two mountain passes between east and west in Southern Norway, are completely open for traffic Tuesday morning: the national road 52 Hemsedal – Lærdal and E16 Filefjell.

On the E134 over Haukeli, there is still formation of colonnes.

These transitions is completely closed: rv 15 Strynefjellet, road 27 Venabygdsfjellet, rv 7 Hardangervidda mountain plateau and the road 50 Hol – Aurland.

- the Norwegian Geological Institutes about to blast away snøskavler are dangerous over the strynefjell mountains. Then shall snømassene cleared away, and it will still take a few hours before the stretch for traffic again. Otherwise, we have not registered any accident with personal injury on the roads yesterday evening and night, ” says trafikkoperatør Trude Lindstad.

The violent storm decreased in strength on the west coast already on Monday night, but beyond the night ravaged Urd both in the east, south and north.

Tens of thousands strømløse

the Storm led to, among other things, that 70.000 households were strømløse Monday afternoon and evening. The clock 22 had 40.000 got the power back, but still was 21.000 in Hordaland, 5.000 in the county of Sogn and Fjordane and 2.000 in California without power.

- the Cause is mostly trees that have fallen over the current field, said the head of department, Ingunn Åsgard Bendiksen in the NVE to NTB on Monday night.

the NVE receives an updated report on the situation at 10 Tuesday morning. BKK announces on its website that the power in most places in Michigan will be back at 12 o’clock.

But also in Eastern norway, it was reported on local strømutfall several places beyond tirsdagsnatten, among other things, in Lier in Buskerud and in Oppegård outside Oslo.

A little fir tree stopped almost up traffic between Farsund and seeking energy independence on highway 43 after that it was blowing across the road. The police direct the traffic while the road cleared. Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB scanpix Show more

Urd finished

Although there were still strong winds in many places both on the west coast and win, was handle the extreme weather is over for this time in early night to Tuesday. The wind lied somewhat, and the waves decreased. Hurricane in the castes had been to the little storm vulnerable areas, and into the night had the wind to the small breeze.

Stormsenteret passed South of Norway in the middle of the night and weakened as it moved over the Sweden and the south-east.

On the East and South reported Vegtrafikksentralen about nedblåste lampposts and a number of trees over the roads. At Bekkestua in Bærum knocked over the christmas tree in the centre, but without anyone come to harm.

E18 on Vinterbrosletta in Follo was blocked in 3-time Monday night after a 40 square meters large sign on a couple of tons of wind blew down across the road.

- In southern california, it has not been completely immense, but the E18 at Vinterbro is still closed, ” says Sneve Gundersen.


On a variety of fergesamband, Rogaland, Sogn and Fjordane and Hordaland, it was obvious that the storm dried up into the night. Public roads administration announces normal operation on the vast majority of communications from Tuesday morning.

- But the ferry port at Mortavika in Rogaland is closed. The ferries goes between Årsvågen and Mekjarvik. Also, is the ferry on highway 13 in Sogn and Fjordane county, between Vangsnes and Hellavik set, ” says Sneve Gundersen.

Farther north, it is also uncertain whether all ferries can go on Tuesday morning and morning. Fergesambandet Torghatten Nord took in the morning provided that the weather can affect all of Tuesday’s flights.

the civil defense worked on the blast in the several counties while the storm were raging at their worst. In Hordaland, the efforts ended at 4 on Tuesday night.

- the Cooperation with the police has been exceptionally well, the efforts of the personnel was exemplary. This has been one of the best prepared to wager in a long time, with full control and enough resources all the time. Thank you for good job!, type Hordaland sivilforsvarsdistrikt on Twitter.

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