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Handle the extreme weather “Urd” can cause delays for trains, planes and ferries 2. christmas day – Aftenposten

Travelers in South Norway must expect delays, or set departures, both when it comes to planes, trains, and ferries 2. christmas day. The Norwegian public roads administration encourages people to leave your car in the most exposed areas.

Spokesperson Lasse Vangstein in Avinor says they follow closely on the weather, and the staff is working to secure loose items. – The worst it will be for the aircraft to land, because it must be greater the distance between the planes to land. This can create some delays, but we are following the situation, ” says Vangstein to NRK. Avinor encourage travelers to meet at the airport at the usual time.

NSB also considering the weather situation closely, and urge passengers to follow especially closely on the company’s website 2. on christmas day, in the event trains must be set on the grunnav the storm.

More fergeravganger set

Several ferry departures on the west coast was set in the afternoon 1. christmas day. It applies the ferry between Oldeie and Måløy, Tiles, Starheim and Fedje and Austrheim.

the Storm is expected to come in over the Skagerrak and the Oslofjord in the morning afternoon.

Strong winds and large waves may lead to large passenger ships must go with reduced pace, or that the ships are marooned until the storm has passed.

Fergeavgang to Copenhagen speeded up

the shipping Company DFDS as trafikerer the route Oslo-Copenhagen has decided to expedite the departure from Oslo 2. christmas day to clock 15.00, an hour and a half earlier than usual.

Departure from Copenhagen 2. christmas day will go as usual, 16.30, but the ship is expected to arrive in Oslo no later than the normal arrival 09.45. The ships will also sail as well as possible outside the storm’s core, ” says spokesperson Gert Jakobsen in DFDS.

Also, the Color Line is prepared to change flights, if the weather was going to be hard enough. -We are considering this carefully. If it is taken a decision to suspend the flights, it will be announced on our website. Those who will be traveling with our ships 2. christmas day is encouraged to follow extra careful, ” says communications director Helge Otto Mathisen in the Color Line.

the Company has ferry departures between Larvik and Hirtshals, and between Sandefjord and Strömstad, and between Oslo and Kiel.

Stena Line has no ordinary departure from Oslo to Fredrikshavn 2. christmas day. Departure from Fredrikshavn clock 18: 30 pm with arrival in Oslo, norway 07: 30 and Tuesday will go after the route, the way it looks on a Sunday afternoon.

Also, Telenor is prepared that the storm could damage the power supply and the base stations and the lame, both the landline and the cellular network.

” We are prepared for the storm can affect and damage our installations, and therefore has additional emergency preparedness both with ourselves and the contractors, says dekningsdirektør Bjørn Amundsen Telenor Norway in a press release.

He encourages people to charge up the mobile phone, and to orient themselves with neighbors or friends to know who has landline, mobile phone or broadband available. Thus, it may be possible to communicate in alternative ways if some of the nights would fall out.

Notified of extreme weather applies to win and the west coast south of the City.

on Monday afternoon, increases the wind on the west coast south of Stadt to western full and periodically strong storm.

As it looks now, it becomes the strongest winds in Hordaland and Rogaland. According to the Norwegian Meteorological institute can there be a strong storm with wind gusts up to 45 m/s over land, and wave height up to 25 metres on the west coast, combined with storm surge between 75-90 centimeters above the tidevannstabellen.

Warning people along the coast

At this the direction of the wind, it is not only the coast that are going to notice the storm. It is powerful gust of wind into the country, ” says statsmeteorolog Reidun Holmøy by Vervarslingen in Western norway to Aftenposten.

She warns the people along the coast towards to go out to see the high waves and strongly at the same time, people are asked to secure loose objects outdoors against the extreme wind.

In southern california, notified it about the wind gusts up to 35 m/s and water that is between 90 and 130 centimeters above the tidevannstabellen. The highest levels will be in the Oslo fjord.

the Police in Follo encourages boat owners and the house and cabin owners in the coastal zone along the Oslo fjord to secure their assets as far as possible.

Also heavy rainfall

In addition to this, it is sent out the CAUTION alert for the west coast from Sunday afternoon to Monday evening because of heavy rainfall.

Locally, it can get up to 100 millimeters of rainfall, and the weather is Sunday so bad that a number of stretches of road is closed.

Sunday morning was stormsenteret just to the southeast of the Island. It runs north-eastwards until Monday morning, before it is expected to take a south-easterly direction before it hits the coast of Møre and Romsdal on Monday evening.

handle the extreme weather that is now on the way, is named after the norse skjebnegudinnen Urd. She was one of the three nornene who ruled men’s destinies and sat under the world tree, Yggdrasil.

Update every 6. time

notice to extreme weather when the weather can pose a danger to the life and values if it is not put in place preventive measures.

Ekstremværvarslingen be divided into four alerts, from A to D. Phase A means that the Norwegian Meteorological institute is increasing the monitoring of the weather, while warning about the extreme weather, and when the storm gets a name is the first in phase B. the Alert is used before handle the extreme weather is expected to occur.

Then also has the meteorologist determined that it is extreme weather, and given the storm a name. The notice is more detailed than the prior messages and updating occurs at least every 6. time.

The notice will be when the danger of extreme weather is over. This notice will inform about the weather will be in the next few days with the thought of cleanups and fixes

the Case is updated.

the main roads between east and west is closed – and it gets worse 2. christmas day


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