Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Per-Willy Amundsen: – I’m no private practice minister – Aftenposten

a Little before the clock 18 on Tuesday came the new ministry of justice and the beredskapsminister, Per-Willy Amundsen to his new workplace in Nydalen.

Nøkkeloverrekkelsen was inside the minister’s office, but out in the hallway, where the retiring minister Anders Anundsen delivered skrytelisten of what he had been from 2013 to today. In addition to a key card.

the Whole of Tuesday was Amundsen confronted with their previous statements where he has talked about the need for a new crusade, characterized muslims as lazy and argued that climate change is not man-made.

Amundsen has previously claimed that man-made climate change is minimal compared to the impact the sun has, and that it is “madness to spend billions of dollars on a hypothesis that any climate change is man made”.

In 2007, he said that immigration from non-western countries in a few years can lead to the fact that the Uk is no longer democratic.

the Statements have been samarbeidspartiene the Left and Progress to stall from the start of his karrière as a minister.

Will not say whether he thinks the same

– do you Mean the same now?

When I say me now, says I to me as minister. Then it is the government’s platform and the agreement with the Progress and Left. As politician and conservative party spokesman on major, and let’s be honest, controversial areas, it was my job to front the party’s policy. Now I’m going to safeguard the government’s policy, he states.

do you Regret any of these statements?

I think that there is very little interesting to go into enkeltsitater and comments that fell several years ago. Now I’m the minister of justice and shall implement the government’s policy.

Linking to is not the voters?

– But you do not believe that those who voted for you based on what you actually said about muslims and climate change are now disappointed you?

I think That’s a fun way to formulate the question. When you are a minister, is the government’s policy to implement. The same thing I did as secretary of state. We will create a majority, we need to compromise, as we have done with V and KrF.

don’t you Think voters may be disappointed that you can’t tell if you mean it the same today?

” I think that everyone will see that in a regjeringssamarbeid one must give and take. I would prefer that we get the green light for politics by participating in the government, rather than to stand outside without influence.

Is it that you believe that climate change was man-made in it the moment you became a minister?

the Way you formulate the question on is special. Man-made climate change, and a politics that builds upon it to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases, is centrally located in the government’s platform. And the agreement with the Left and This is the basis for the government’s policy. I’m not a private practice minister.

Soothe Grande

the Left-leader Trine Skei Grande is not particularly reassured by His statements. She says to Aftenposten that it is very problematic that the Amundsen is “klimafornekter”.

– There are now two ministers in the same ministry, innvandringsminister Sylvi Listhaug and the minister of justice, Per-Willy Amundsen, both of which are klimafornektere and has a rhetoric is not unifying on immigration.

Trine Skei Grande react strongly on the Amundsen previously said about both the climate and immigration, and he believes, in any case should clarify whether he still believes it is the sun that is behind climate change.

He is seated at the king’s table, and is in a regjeringskollegium. Then it is quite essential that he clears up in this, ” says Skei Grande.

the Support of their own

Skei grande’s outcomes against Amundsen has lit a motbrann in the conservative party.

the progress party’s parliamentary deputy chairman Ulf Leirstein says Amundsen as shall relate to the government’s platform, and not to what the Liberal leader had to think.

– What Skei Grande should mean is a bit like the mouse that roared. Let us now look at what the voters say in september 2017, says Leirstein.

member of parliament Christian Tybring-gjedde has no sense of the Left-the manager’s statements.

– Grandes statements violates our democratic tradition. She has been a klimainkvisitor. Either you must confess to her klimatro otherwise you are to regard as infidels, ” he says to Aftenposten.

Per-Willy is knowledgeable and engaged. He appeals to the party’s kjernevelgere. Reed, Ketil and Per-Willy will complement each other. And also, the three overall now almost “the whole country”, south-Eastern norway, Western norway and Northern Norway.

Grande has also responded to what Amundsen has said about immigration, but also where the mean Tybring-gjedde that the new minister must speak freely.

I don’t think most people react to what he has said about immigration. I think the Grande here is in his own world.

– Should he still now stop with innvandringskritiske statements?

– No. He must speak about the areas which he is responsible, f.ex. immigration and border control.

the Gardens towards Skei Grande

Also, former progress party leader Carl I. Hagen fnyser of the Grandes requirements.

She has nothing to claim what is Per-Willy Amundsen to think about the field that is outside of what he should mean something about which the minister of justice, says the Garden.

– as little as Knut Arild Hareide will have no opinion about Amundsen religious faith does not have the Skei Grande something with what Amundsen believes about climate change, ” says Garden.


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