Saturday, December 31, 2016

Fire extinguished in the reception centre at Rjukan – NRK

a Little after at 5 Saturday morning came the confirmation from the police: the Fire in the asylmottaket Mandheimen in Rjukan is extinguished.

It burned vigorously in the roof and the upper floor in the old, heritage-listed murbygningen, at the same time as it was strong wind.

– Brannrester falls down from the building and down on the ground. There is a powerful shower of sparks over the nabohusene on the east side of the asylmottaket, said police operasjonsleder Vidar Aaltvedt to NRK in 1-time on the night of Saturday.

the Police feared a long time that the fire could spread to the nabohusene. There are many wooden houses in the surrounding area.

Built stands on the Unesco list of grade I listed buildings.

VIDEO: See pictures from the fire

VIDEO: See pictures from the fire

– No one was injured

” We have evacuated people from the 12 neighbouring house and all the residents on the asylmottaket. We are very confident that no one was injured in the fire, ” says Aaltvedt.

Police were first alerted about smoke in the fourth floor of the asylmottaket a few minutes after the clock 22 on Friday night.

Already when we began to evacuate the residents. Then it went almost an hour before the situation escalated and the fire broke out, tells operasjonslederen.

46 people on asylmottaket and 24 people in nabohusene were evacuated.

the ROOF BURNED: the Roof and the top floor of the building was burning strongly.

Photo: Ole Jon Tveito/Radio Rjukan

Got beds to evacuees

Tinn kommune earned berths to the residents who were evacuated.

We have collected the evacuees so that they have a place to sleep in the night, ” says Aaltvedt.

Also the Red Cross, helped to take care of those who were affected by the fire.

It is unknown how the fire started.

Mayor: – A tragedy of the commons

Mayor Bjørn Sverre Birkeland believes the fire at the grade ii listed building is a tragedy for the town of Rjukan.

Photo: Anne Lognvik / NRK

Mayor Bjørn Sverre Birkeland says to NRK that he is happy that no one was injured in the fire, but that it is a tragedy that the grade ii listed building has been lost. According to the plan, it should be used more million to renovate the building starting in January, to make Mandheimen so the building was when it was built in 1916.

It was built as a home for single men.

the town of Rjukan and Notoddens industrial history came on the Unesco world heritage site in 2015 and thus became Norway’s eighth world heritage site. It was Norsk Hydro’s plant for kunsgjødselproduksjonen that was the starting point for the application.

Neighbour: – Thought at first it was not so bad

Guro Tveit is one of the nearest neighbors to the Mandheimen. She says to NRK that she first not perceived the situation as very dramatic in the beginning.

It has been, in addition to the fire there before, and the first, so it’s not so bad. It looked like the fire department had control. The fire so first to be just a place on the top floor, and there was little smoke. Then it seemed as if it took the guy in the walls, and then suddenly, the building was overtent, said Guro Tveito to see in the night.

She believes the strong wind made the fire spread so quickly.


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