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She was died 44 years ago, but christmas eve in the year went Vesna Vulovic away – the Newspaper.en

(Dagbladet): Vesna Vulovic came in the Guinness book of records when she survived a fall of 10,000 meters in 1972.

christmas Eve notify serb that Vulovic now passed away. She was found dead in his apartment in Belgrade of the friends, writes The Guardian, which does not provide a cause of death.

It was during a flight from Stockholm to Zagreb that an explosion aboard Yugoslav Airlines DC 9 aircraft meant that the aircraft crashed from 10 km altitude over the old Czechoslovakia. 23 passengers and crew of five were killed. Only one survived.

Miraculously enough it was the stewardess Vesna Vulovic found alive and she was, therefore, a familiar face in the country.

To survive such a fall should of course be impossible, and Vulovic was atpåtil trapped in the aircraft’s tail as it fell from the air. When the aircraft approached the ground to fir trees and snow have cushioned the fall so that Vulovic survived where she was packaged in the tail section.

Vulovic was rescued by a lumberjack who quickly came to the place, and lay the entire 16 months in the hospital before she was written out. She was first paralyzed from the waist down, but was eventually rid of most of the physical problems after flystyrten and turned to return to his job – albeit at the airline’s headquarters, not as a flight attendant.

She used the active fame from the flystyrten to promote his political agenda, and was a loud opponent of Slobodan Milosevic.

A Croatian insurgent group blamed for the explosion, and it was believed that a bomb was smuggled on board the plane during a stopover in Copenhagen, writes The Guardian.

In 2009 was, however, a theory on the path that cast doubt on Vulovic’ place in the record. Two investigative journalists in Prague claimed that it was the government of Czechoslovakia that had shot down the aircraft Vulovic was working on. This would in that case have meant that the plane crashed at a much lower altitude than first assumed, it was claimed.

Vulovic remembered even nothing from flystyrten or the time just afterwards. She was 66 years old.

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