Friday, December 30, 2016

White stripes can be less smooth – NRK

It’s December in Oslo, with freezing rain and ice formation. The white fields where people have to cross the road gives pedestrians “smooth layer”, so that more people have trouble keeping themselves on their feet.

– I know that especially the white stripes are slippery and I try not to step on them. I have experienced falling, ” says a pedestrian to NRK in the he crosses the road.

Bendik Ekeberg got a slap when he crossed the street in Majorstua. The pavement by the side of the white stripes is not as smooth, shows a completely unofficial test.

Photo: Lars Os / NRK

another pedestrian, Bendik Ekeberg, get a slap on the body in it, he cross the street on the way to Majorstukrysset.

We talked about it on the way to school today, and it was a couple-three times we held on to go on snørra, ” he says.

A simple test of the friction with a good winter shoes reveals the difference. On the asphalt, it is far better traction than on the white stripes. And it is not just a feeling you get, according to Bjørn Skaar, a senior engineer and an expert in road marking in the directorate of public roads.

White and glass beads

senior engineer Bjørn Skaar in the directorate of public roads proposes to remove a coating of the glass beads in the white stripes to increase the friction on the zebra crossing.

Photo: Henriette Erken Busterud / directorate of public roads

He points to several factors as an explanation for why the stripes are smoother than the pavement:

  • The white stripes is applied to a coating of tiny glass beads on the top to reflect and make vegmerkingen well visible in the dark.

  • the Control of the actual friction on the veimerking can be better than today.

  • It is a daunting task for those who will be sure to salt and sprinkle in time.

  • The white color and the planar surface contributes in itself to the fact that the stripes in certain situations can be faster smooth than the actual road.

The white thermoplastic-the stripes have the same requirements to the friction as the road otherwise, he stresses.

– But we have enough take over the us that it is the way people experience it sometimes.

It is now specifically considered, is to remove the coating with the glass beads. It will, according to Bjørn Skaar have a positive effect on the friction.

– the Purpose of the beads is to make gangfeltene more visible to motorists, but in the urban district is as a rule, these lit from above by street lights. Therefore, we will now make an assessment of whether we can drop the glass beads in the streets, and thus have an immediate effect when there are added new fields, ” he says.

– Must be

Seksjonsoverlege by Skadelegevakten in Oslo, Knut Melhuus, is stated above that it is often glattest where people have to cross the street.

Photo: Rushda Syed / NRK

When there is freezing rain in the city, the number of patients to be femdoblet on Skadelegevakten in Oslo. Seksjonsoverlege on emergency Knut Melhuus is well known with the smooth fotgjengerfeltene, and call fallskadene on the street unnecessary.

– It should certainly be done about it. It is where people are forced to go, and where it should be the most navigable.

In cooperation with the public roads administration and the Norwegian directorate of Health has the emergency room in Oslo in the year mapped out where and how people damage themselves. The results come in a report to the spring.

We look at where people have fallen, age groups and gender, in what districts it has happened, and not least at what damage they have received. It is interesting data, ” says Melhuus.


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