Thursday, December 29, 2016

Earthquake measured to 3.7 on the Richter scale: – the House rista and there was a deep rumbling – NRK

– The rista in bed, and I was bråvåken. I thought at first that it was a storm outside, but when it stopped it was completely silent, ” says Roy Ottar Larsen to NRK.

the Clock 05.29, it was registered an earthquake at the church of Meløy. Roy Ottar Larsen from the neighboring municipality of Gildeskål, got an early start on the day when he woke up to a ristende house and a deep rumbling.

I dressed quickly at me and stood up. It was a nasty, sultry sound and it was very uncomfortable.

He checked the Newspaper Nordland, which first reported the quake, and was eventually confirmed that it had been registered an earthquake.

– Extraordinarily powerful tremors

Conrad Lindholm was the guest of the evening News to explain about the earthquake in Japan. He explains that no one exactly can predict earthquakes, so one can forecast.

Photo: Nyhetsspiller

Conrad Lindholm, senior researcher at Norsar, explaining that the quake was a good distance out in the sea, and that it most likely has not led to material damages.

It was an extraordinarily powerful earthquake, measured to 3.7 on the Richter scale. It was sharply marked in several places along the coast, and we have received very many messages, ” says Lindholm.

Although this earthquake is not so far led to some injuries, could the matter quickly been a different if the quake had happened near the settlement.

If it had been just under a settlement, would you be able to been injured on a number of buildings, ” he says.

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It was in this area the earthquake occurred at. 05.29.

the Quake attenuated greatly due to the distance, and then, it is unlikely that the reported damage.

Deferred jordskjelvområde

Roy Ottar Larsen tells that he has previously known earthquakes in the cabin to say, which is just as close.

It was many years ago. But then rumla it like that in the house that I thought it was full of the horses that trødde past. It was as if the whole mountain came down on us, he recalls.

senior Researcher Conrad Lindholm, explains that the earthquakes in the area are very common. It was just to the south of Meløy, Norway’s largest earthquake was in 1819. It was measured at 5.8 on the Richter scale.

– It is large earthquakes in the area here, and it happens regularly. But it is rarely so powerful as to 3.7 that this quake was measured at.

They still don’t know why it jordskjelvaktiviteten in the area is as frequent as it is, but explains that the Svartisen, among other things, is one of the reasons.

– we think We understand a little of it, but the scratch only at the surface. It is a very powerful and regular earthquake activity on the west side of the Svartisen glacier. This can be related with that we have varying islast, avsmelting and the growth of the glacier, ” explains Lindholm.


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