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The police keeps multiple tjenestesteder in Trøndelag – Adresseavisen

the Case is updated.

After looking closer at the geographical conditions and population we come to that it is best to take in once again Selbu, Åfjord and Middle Gauldal as tjenestesteder in the new lensmannsdistriktene, ” says chief Nils Kristian Moe in Trøndelag police district.

the Traffic on the Trondheim airport increases, there will be large requirements for control. It applies not least to passenger traffic non-Schengen. Moe says Vaernes is facing major challenges in the next few years.

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There is a need for more expertise in control and, therefore, create a separate tjenestested at Værnes, so the police have at Gardermoen and Flesland.

Proposes 20 tjenestesteder

on Thursday, sent the superintendent of its recommendation to the Directorate on how he thinks Trøndelag police district shall be organized. He suggests three option.

I think option three is the preferred of the Police, ” he says.

Option three is composed of seven service skus and 20 tjenestesteder. With tjenesteenhet means lensmannsdistrikt or politistasjonsdistrikt. With tjenestested means kontorsted where the police provide service to the public.

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Tjenesteenhet Namdal consists of the municipalities Bindal, Vikna, Nærøy, Lecah,

the Highlands, Grong, Namsskogan, Røyrvik, rural areas, Namsos, Overhalla, Fosnes,

Namdalseid, Flatanger and Osen with tjenestestedene Nærøy, Namsos, Grong and



Tjenesteenhet Fosen consists of the municipalities of Roan, Åfjord, Ørland, Bjugn, Rissa, and

Leksvik with tjenestestedene Ørland, Rissa and Åfjord.


Tjenesteenhet Innherred consists of the municipalities of Snåsa, Steinkjer, Inderøy, norway,

Levanger, Verdal and Verran with tjenestestedene Steinkjer and Levanger/Verdal.


Tjenesteenhet Værnes consists of the municipalities Frosta, Stjørdal, Meråker, Selbu,

Tydal and Malvik with tjenestestedene Stjørdal, Trondheim airport and Selbu.

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Tjenesteenhet Trondheim consists of the municipality of Trondheim except Heimdal

tjenestested Centre of Trondheim.


Tjenesteenhet Gauldal consists of the municipalities of Trondheim, norway (except the city Centre),

Melhus, Klæbu, Middle Gauldal, Holtålen, Røros, Oppdal and Rennebu with tjenestestedene

Heimdal (new police station South), Røros, Oppdal and Middle Gauldal.


Tjenesteenhet Orkdal consists of the municipalities, Skaun, Orkdal, Agdenes, Meldal,

Hemne, Snillfjord, Hitra and Frøya with tjenestestedene Orkdal, a Small and Hemne.

The two other options have a slightly different arrangement of lensmannsdistrikt and tjenestesteder.

We have seen suggestions that come internally in the politidistriktet and from the municipalities when we have designed the new politikartet for the county. The new structure adds well to the right of the citizens of the county to get an even better police force, ” emphasizes Moe.

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New operasjonssentral

He adds that yet remains a lot of work internally, which will not be visible to the public. Among other things, to a new operasjonssentral be established in Trondheim. It shall be operational from the autumn of 2017. Until then, Sør-Trøndelag and Nord-Trøndelag, each with its operasjonssentral. In heimdalsområdet to a new police station built.

– Trøndelag police district to be developed so that our mission in society is carried out in a better way than the two former districts would clear. We will develop a nærpoliti that is operational, visible and accessible, and that have the capacity and competence to prevent, investigate and prosecution of criminal actions and ensure citizens ‘ peace of mind, you represent the chief of police.

Moe says lensmannsdistriktene to have flexible opening hours that make it possible to obtain services from the police outside office hours at least one day a week. Kontorstedene be located so that at least 90 percent of the citizens in the politidistriktet have a maximum of 45 minutes driving time to the nearest tjenestested.

Requirements for utrykningstid

the Claim to response times to serious incidents in places with at least 20 000 inhabitants is 15 minutes, at locations with between 2000 and 20 000 inhabitants, is the 20 minutes, and in places with less than 2000 inhabitants should first politipatrulje be on site within 40 minutes.

– Will the requirement for response times to be met in the rural Trøndelag, which is nearly as large as the whole of Denmark?

– Yes, and therefore it is important not to use the resources to maintain all of the offices. The requirement to utrykningstid to be covered through additional patrols out on the roads. We will also get a more effective investigation and prevention.

the Police will now use the time until the middle of January to treat the recommendations from the country’s 12 politimestre and assess these against the current requirements and guidelines. The agency will make a comprehensive national assessment, which will ensure that the police have a most possible similar to the condition for delivering the good police. It must simultaneously be taken into account for local differences and needs.

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May complain of the decision

When the Police have decided new tjenestestruktur, starting a period of eight weeks where the affected municipalities have the opportunity to complain to the ministry of Justice and public security on the decisions of the directorate about changes in the division of lensmanns and politistasjonsdistrikter and the merging or closure of lensmannskontorer or police stations.

Of the county are in excess of 450 000 inhabitants or barely nine per cent of Norway’s population. From north to south, there are well over 40 miles. The registered crime rate is decreasing, at the same time as the issues become more complex because of new requirements and new methods in straffesaksbehandlingen. Increased mobility and developments in ICT provide new opportunities to commit crime, says police commissioner Moe.

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the Number of registered offences in Trøndelag is reduced by nine per cent from 2005 to 2015.


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