Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hunt the perpetrator of armed robbery in Skibotn: – He came in and pointed at the … Newspaper Nordland

Robber struck against Its distribusjonsenhet in Skibotn on Tuesday morning.

Operasjonsleder Steinar Gudmundsen in the Troms police district says that the man knocked on the door to the landpostbudet just before opening time.

The type of the northern lights.

- The staff released him, and then waded himself past them and helped himself with cash.

Followed the tracks

the Police received a message about the heist the clock 07.49 got the police message. Commissioner Gaute Østeggen, who lives in Skibotn, was on the site after only 12 minutes.

He says that landpostbudet was alone at work when the robber struck.

- He came in and pointed at her with a weapon, and said only one word: Phone, tells Østeggen to the northern lights.

Probably so the robber that she had a telephone, and would prevent that she called for help.

Østeggen followed the tracks of the robber to a location approximately 100 metres away. Where can it look like that the robber sat in a car.

According to the police is landpostbudet strongly affected by the incident, and yet not questioned. According to Østeggen she becomes looked after by the family.

Still at large

Police have this morning carried out a åstedsundersøkelse.

We are also working to locate the offender. We have been informed that he disappeared on foot, ” says operasjonslederen.

Troms police district has notified its nabodistrikt, also on the Finnish side, and check the junctions in the area. Customs office in Kilpis shall also be notified.

Police will not disclose any amounts, but according to Gudmundsen was the only cash the man had.

- as far As we know, but it is still early in the investigation, and we do not have complete overview.

Officer John Eckhof in the Norway Post says that landpostbudet now being taken care of by his supervisor.

Its main task is to fulll the commandment, and make sure that they get good follow-up on.

In addition to delivering mail and packages, perform landpostbudet also simple banking services.

the Hidden face

the Police have given the following signalement of the robber.

“Young thin man, about 168 cm tall. Spoke poor English. Tørkle in front of the face. Wearing dark blue anorakk, dark pants, gloves.”

No people shall have come to the damage, notify the county of Troms police district on Twitter.

According to Gudmundsen employees are now ivretatt.

- No one was physically injured. Employees will, of course, followed up and questioned, ” he says.


the Police want tips in the matter of telephone 02800.


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