Saturday, December 31, 2016

Police nedringt with messages about scared dogs – the Newspaper.en

new year’s Eve is not a good day for pets. Many, especially dogs, fear of fireworks that are sent up.

Several hours before midnight marked this already on the police’s operasjonssentraler throughout the country. In the course of a relatively short period of time have different standings posted at least seven messages about dogs who are missing, were found along the road or run over.

“A number of dogs on a trip in the district. Scared of fireworks? Dog owners are encouraged to fit extra well on the animals in the hours ahead.” writes the police in Haugsund.


In the Skin in the Nordre Buskerud police district announces the “the terrified dog on the run.”

In Åmot, in the same distric has what is described as a brown australian terrier-like dog appeared at the door to a random person.

Also this is typical, according to operasjonsleder in Nordre Buskerud Thov Torsrud.

It is typical on a night like this that they become a bit frightened. They are sticking off and seek out random people to seek refuge. Some sticks also to the wood. There is reason to believe that that is the case here, he says to Dagbladet.

He says that there have been three messages on bortløpne dogs already, and it is hours before most of the missiles get fired up.

In Vestfossen centre is a small black and white dog with a flat nose found by a random person, on Nesodden is it gone worse, there is a dog found killed. Also on the Hill, on the Bismo, in: The and in Opp, there are messages about lost dogs.

In urban stråk, it has started to slam now, even if it mostly comes later, ” says Torsrud.

- Be together with the animals

do Not allow single animals to be alone is the advice from the Fsa on evenings like this.

Please, preferably in a room where it is shielded for the times and sounds, ” says Torunn Knævelsrud, head of the section animal welfare in the Norwegian food safety Authority to the NTB.

She emphasizes that many animals also have a tendency to walk away when they are afraid.

the Animals are at risk of being injured in traffic, and triggers the leteaksjoner, so make sure that neither dogs or cats can get out of the house when evening comes, says Knævelsrud.

She goes on to say that one of the most important things you as the owner can do is to help normalize the situation for the animal, for example, by breeze or by putting on the radio.

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