Monday, December 19, 2016

Warning Erna against Per-Willy Amundsen – the Norwegian broadcasting corporation

After the Norwegian broadcasting corporation’s experience, shall Per-Willy Amundsen replace the minister of justice, Anders Anundsen, who goes out of the government tomorrow.

It will not be good for the cooperation between the government, the Progress and the Left, believe ungdomspolitikerne.

We will warn Erna against such an appointment. It will make the distance to both the Left and the christian democratic party has bigger, and I’m proud kunnskapspartiet Right should put the knowledge so high that they do not appoint a minister who does not believe in climate change are well documented, ” says Tord Hustveit, leader of the Young Left.


Amundsen has distinguished himself with disputed statements within both the climate – and when the black messiah and it is very problematic, believes the KrFU director Ida Lindtveit.

He has had controversial statements on two of the most important challenges we are facing and it is not good for the collaboration, ” she says.

WARY: the Leader of KrFU, Ida Lindtveit, believes the partnership between the coalition parties becomes more difficult with Per-Willy Amundsen who was the minister of justice.

Both Hustveit and Lindtveit takes the proviso that the leaks about the replacement in the government votes. The numbers we get after the minister on Tuesday at 16. Partilederne in the government’s støttepartier, the Progress and the Left, will not comment on anything until everything is officially. But ungdomspartiene provides ready information:

We wish that they came with a more unifying candidate, which also can cooperate well with centrist parties. Instead they choose a candidate who can contribute to greater division and polarization, ” she says.

the NEW minister of justice?: For NRK, the experience will Per-Willy Amundsen to take over as attorney general.

Photo: Pedersen, Terje / NTB scanpix

– Political project

Audun Lysbakken (SV) thinks the policy is pulled toward the right if the Amundsen is appointed minister of justice in the morning.

– What we see very clearly is a political project that moves ever farther out on the right, where the more extreme section of the Frp getting more to say. And it makes sure that there is even more reason to ask questions around why in the world the Left and Progress to continue to protect this government, ” he says.

Per-Willy Amundsen stands at the top of the Troms progress party’s list at the parliamentary elections next year.

THINK OF AMUNDSEN: Geir Are Winther in Troms Frp have great faith in the Amundsen as attorney general.

Photo: Sveinung Åsali / NRK

the Party’s fylkesleder in Troms, norway, Geir Are Winther, is confident that the Amundsen as the minister of justice, is the right man in the right place. That he is klimaskeptiker is no problem, on the contrary, believes Winther.

– You must all the time ask questions around the information you’ve received is correct, and we must dare to ask questions also by the so-called established truths. So I think it is good that he is wary of it, too, ” says Winther.


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