Friday, December 16, 2016

Shooting at pub in the centre of Oslo – VG

A car should have eloped from the place a short time after it was loosened several shots at a pub in Hausmanns gate in Oslo.

the Police received several messages from witnesses to the shootings against Calle’s Food and Vinhus in Hausmanns gate in 17.40-time. They were then told that a car was seen driving away from the spot.

Found the Jeep a few hundred meters away

a Short time after the shooting was the car they believe was used in the shooting found in Grünerløkka, oslo. Where does the police have now set up barrings and efforts are being made to investigate the vehicle.

the Car, which is a black Jeep Wrangler, was found brought in the way.

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<p>Police søker på surface and with divers in Akerselva after that it was løsnet shot at a pub in Oslo just før. A black Jeep, which police believe was used in the shooting, was found by the - på Grünerlødevelopment team øst in Oslo, norway.</p>

Police are searching on the surface and with divers in Akerselva after that it was a loose shot at a pub in Oslo just as before. A black Jeep, which police believe was used in the shooting, was found close by – on the Grünerløkka district in the east of Oslo.

Photo: Harald Vikøyr, VG

the Police and divers are also working to crawl a part of Akerselva.

and with that the car is parked where it is parked, we will investigate whether those who drove the car may have got rid of something in the river, ” says operasjonsleder Rune Hekkelstad to VG.

So far, no one apprehended for the shooting, but police will not comment on how many they believe were involved in the shooting. It looks for both the perpetrators and firearms in the whole of Oslo, says Hekkelstad.

We are looking for firearms or other things that can related to the incident, he said.

do you Know anything about this case? Contact vg’s journalists here.

There are no reports of injuries, says operasjonsleder Rune Hekkelstrand to VG. A witness tells VG that it was a loose four shots.

Witness: So two cars

Hausmanns gate is blocked off until further notice. Police work at the site to ensure vitneopplysninger and technical tracks.

Even though the police have set up barrings, is a bullet holes are visible in the window of the pub.

A witness told VG that he saw two cars driving leisurely past the pub. Right after he heard loud bangs, but he saw no shots will be loose. The two cars set up the move and disappeared from the place.

On the other side of the street heard the guests and the employees of Peloton shooting. They think it is a so-called drive by shooting – that it be launched toward a target from a car at speed.


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