Friday, December 16, 2016

- I am not surprised that the case was dismissed – Bergens Tidende

Statsadvokatene in Hordaland does not take out prosecution against Trude Drevland.

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attorney general Ellen Cathrine Greve writes in a press release that they will take out prosecution against Trude Drevland.

the Case henlegges on bevisets position, says Greve.

A dismissal after bevisets position will both include the cases where the doubt is significant, and where the doubt is small. After a concrete overall assessment has concluded that the existence of such doubt in this case that it is dropped, it is stated in the press release.

Drevland: Not surprised

BT met Drevland on the Lagoon Friday afternoon, where she signed her new book “a Little private”.

Now I’m writing in the books and talking with people. And it is the best I know, she said.

– How are you now?

I don’t know what I feel now. I will probably feel relief after each, but there is much to leave behind now, ” said Drevland.

What do you think about the police and the statsadvokatens work with this case, and the amount of time it has taken to get a clarification?

– They have done their job. I’m not surprised that it was dismissal.

– do you Have any thoughts about it to claim compensation?

I’m not a person who is thinking such thoughts on a day like this, and adds that she will use the time ahead to put the matter behind him.

– A prolonged nightmare

Earlier Friday told the lawyer John Christian in the Fire, that the process against Drevland has been like a nightmare for her.

The most important thing for her today is that she now can wake up from a long nightmare that has had major consequences for her. Now she must only get to breathe again, writing with Fire.

Jan Petter Svendal, who runs the online newspaper the New Os, met Drevland just after the news came. She was in the Os in order to sign the book she released earlier in the fall.

She was pleased, and said that she hoped she was finished with this case now.

He tells that there were many who called her just after the news came.

She seemed quite serious, but it was clear that the mood rises as soon as the phones came in, ” he says.

Sorry long procedure

Also the case against havnedirektør Inge Tangerås is dismissed. He was charged with menial corruption. The two have been under investigation for a year and a half. Statsadvokatene acknowledge that the processing time has been longer than desired.

I have the understanding that the case has been a burden for those involved, but it was unfortunately not to avoid, in a case of this scope, the type of Count on.

– Were you in any doubt about the decision?

I have read and worked a lot with the matter, and when I came to this conclusion, ” says Greve to BT.

She does not want to go into details in the case, but repeats the message in the press release: That it is a complex overall assessment which lies behind the decision to henlegge.

Trude Drevland in new book: My worst livskrise

Siktelsene against the two have covered a number of issues:

  • A journey Drevland and Tangerås with rederens private planes to Venice
  • Drevlands lobbyarbeid to get the Viking Star in the Norwegian international ship register
  • An offer gratiscruise in the Mediterranean for Drevland with the result, which she first thanked yes to before she canceled.
  • Minicruiset for, among other Drevland and Tangerås from Bergen to Oslo the day after the baptism.

the Police would prosecute

In the summer delivered the police in Hordaland its recommendations to the Statsadvokatene. The police thought there were grounds to withdraw the prosecution against Drevland and Tangerås.

It is, then the higher public prosecutor’s office disagreed with, and shows among other things that they have to be convinced that the suspects have done what it is accused of before they can take out the indictment.

– the Prosecution must be based in the same beviskravet as the courts adds to the reason. This means that any reasonable doubt shall benefit the offender to the good. This beviskravet is strictly, write the district attorney.

Greve turns further stated that the police have conducted an extensive investigation which has required a lot of resources.

Corruption affects vital interests and is, naturally enough, central to the current public debate. It has been absolutely necessary to investigate the wide. The police have done a thorough job, ” says Greve.

– Now she needs to get breathing again

Trude Drevlands lawyer, John Christian Fire, is of a different opinion.

He is highly critical of the police handling of the case.

– the Process has taken a long time, and the rarest was when the police until the summer of choosing to go out with its setting. It is normally unheard of in a matter to be determined by the public prosecutor, he writes in an SMS to BT.

He has not discussed with the Drevland about the long process will have consequences.

– We have not talked about some erstatningsspørsmål yet, and it is not what she is most concerned about now.

Defender timelines

Opposite the BT defends Greve that the prosecution has gone far beyond the requirement that the matters shall be decided by the public prosecutor within 30 days.

Hordaland public prosecutors got the case on his table for quite exactly a half years ago.

– This is the type of matter that must necessarily take longer. It has simply been very many themes we have had to consider, ranging from godmother-the role of and issues around the registration, to the speculation about the undue influence of political processes, ” says Greve.

Among other things, she draws forth that it is in the cruise case has been questioned around 70 witnesses, some of them several times, and that it is also made relatively significant seizures.

the Police believed that it was not the basis for taking out prosecution against the shipowner Torstein Hagen, a recommendation Statsadvokatene in the county of Hordaland has taken to follow.

Police: No prestige in the matter

Thus, the cases dropped for all three.

Påtaleleder Gunnar Fløystad in the West police district says this to BT that the public prosecutor does not agree with the police in tiltalespørsmålet:

– It is now the way the scheme is within the straffesakssystemet, that we send the setting and so it is the prosecutor who decides in such serious matters. It is not something special with this. We take the decision into consideration.”

– this Can be perceived as a prestisjenederlag for the police?

– We do not have any prestige in this matter, and we take as the said decision of the intelligence.

Rederadvokat: Relieved and happy

a Lawyer for the ship owner Torstein Hagen, Bjørn Stordrange, says to BT that the Garden was relieved and happy when he is a little earlier in the morning received information about henleggelsen.

– Henleggelsen comes absolutely as no surprise. He has constantly maintained that he has not done anything wrong. There he got further confirmed through politietterforskningen, and now also through the statsadvokatens decision, ” says Stordrange.


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