Monday, December 19, 2016

Operation “Dark Room” led the police on the Interpretation of the 30 suspected perpetrators – NRK

In april of this year got the Romerike police district dispatched four “Dark Room”-cases from the West police district. Since that time, a group of ten persons have been allocated to the investigation. The project has been given the name operation “Edit”.

So far, this work has led to that the police have identified the 30 abuse cases that are sent to other police districts. Among the suspects are the 29 men and one woman.

We have identified 30 people who have communicated with three of the four indicted in the “Dark Room”case. These are now reviewed by us and the cases are sent to the police districts in which they are resident, says politiadvokat Kristine Kiær to NRK.

–work in progress

Kiær describes the investigation as extensive, and says that they do not exclude that they will identify more cases. 19 of the 30 cases have appeared in the last month.

– This is an ongoing work that takes time both because there is an extensive number of chattelogger to be reviewed and because it can take time to get clarified identities, ” says Kiær.

the Operation “Edit” has been gathered in Lillestrøm, and is composed of investigators, analysts, påtaleansvarlige, an IT expert and a dataanalytiker from Kripos.

Common to all utspringssakene is that it is uncovered illegal chatting both on open and closed networks. In some of the cases, it is also the sharing of overgrepsbilder with children.

Four “Dark Room”-charged

Still four men on the Interpretation of sight as a result of the operation “Dark Room”. Among them a barneskolelærer in the 20 years that is aimed for the production of overgrepsmateriale.

Three of the four persons charged are sitting still ” I, and after the NRK know of at least one of them may be charged with having committed abuse against children. In the material that the police have seized are the images of abuse of children, also infants.

a total of 51 people involved in the West politidistrikts’ “Dark Room”. They have in different ways been involved in a network that has produced and shared overgrepsbilder and videos of children. Some of those charged must itself have carried out the abuse.


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