Monday, December 19, 2016

Jysk switch alarm after the discovery of the snake in the møbeleske Newspaper Nordland

the Snake was dead, assures møbelkjeden.

(Bergensavisen:) The special handlehistorien took place in the middle of the christmas rush in the Jysk store on Stord Monday.

– We look very seriously at this. It should not occur that the supplier has with the stowaways, ” says sales and market leader Are Bjøntegaard in Jysk to BA.

– Are you sure this is real?

– We have no reason to believe that this is not real. Thus we have taken our machine to uncover where the error has occurred, he replies.

the Item to be imported from Asia. More specific information about the country of origin has not Bjøntegaard for the moment.

– All I know is that the item was sold via the Jysk at Stord and the fact that the goods are sold in the day. I don’t know the amount, ” says Bjøntegaard.

– the Severity will largely vary as the snake is poisonous or not, but we must follow this up with the manufacturer anyway. We are concerned that our suppliers shall have safe and secure jobs Therefore, it is important to find out what species this is, so that we can take action where it is necessary, he continues.

What makes Jysk itself to the customer?

– Customer is taken care of. I have not spoke with the customer directly, but I’ve talked with the shop, and after what I figured was not the customer very afraid, the answer pressetalsmannen.


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