Saturday, December 17, 2016

Man promillekjørte with her daughter in the back seat – the Newspaper.en

A man in the 40s was, according to the police close to colliding several times when he was driving with a high blood alcohol level in Drammen. In the backseat sat his wife and his minor daughter.

Police were alerted by a witness who saw the car wobble very at 0.25 on the night of Sunday.

- the Car was taken again by the police, but would not stop. The continued upward to where they live, but were eventually blocked by police cruisers, ” says operasjonsleder Svein Erik Gevelt in the Søndre Buskerud police district to the NTB.

Police will not say anything about the age of the daughter, other than that it was a child.

Operasjonslederen denotes the episode “madness” and says that the preliminary samples indicate that the man had a blood alcohol level of between 1.5 and 2.

- the Car was close to colliding several times. She drove in the car behind was terrified that it would happen in a car accident, ” says Gevelt.

the Driver should have behaved foul against the police and was taken to fyllearresten. His wife and daughter were driven home to the residence.

- We have made contact with child welfare is on the way to talk with the mother, ” says operasjonslederen.


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