Sunday, December 18, 2016

Man missing and woman life-threatening injured after the fire Future in the North

the Fire is extinguished, but we’re still etterslukking on the spot, informs the operasjonsleder Øyvind Thoresen in the East police to the NTB at 8.30 Sunday.

– It means that we haven’t got started a search in the branntomta after the missing man, continues Thoresen.

Police hope to have implemented the search in the course of Sunday, and Thoresen says it also is applicable to further investigation.

According to Aftenposten, there is a 77 year old man who is missing. He lived in the calis along with his 75 year old wife. She rescued out of the house and was transported by ambulance to Ullevål hospital with serious burns.

the Hospital informs Sunday that the damage to her is life-threatening.

The next of kin is notified, ” says operasjonsleder.

the Message about the fire came just after the clock 22 on Saturday evening. The police informed that all nødetater was on the way to Fagerstrand, Nesodden, where a residential building was in full guy.

a Short time later the fire department started with slukningsarbeidet, and it was started the search for one of the residents as it was not accounted for.

deployed under a false alarm is currently unknown. (©NTB)


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