Sunday, December 18, 2016

Elderly man missing after fire in house on Nesodden – VG

An elderly man is missing and a woman is critically injured after a fire in a home at Nesodden.

Fire department driver with the etterslukking still. The man who is missing is still not found, ” says Tinjar to the VG clock to 06: 00.

According to the operasjonslederen house is so unstable that waiting to slukkearbeidet is finished to start the search for the man.

It was just after the clock 22 Saturday evening that the police in Follo and reported that all nødetater was on the way to Fagerstrand, Nesodden, where a residential building was in full guy.

a Short time later the fire department started with slukningsarbeidet, and it was started the search for one of the residents as it was not accounted for.

There is an older couple who live here. The woman saved out with major burns and are transported to Ullevål. The man is sadly missed there. The fire is too strong for that røykdykkere can go in now, said innsatsleder Arild Skarø in the Follo police district to the newspaper Aftenposten.

Around midtnatt enlightened the police that it still was extinguishing the fire on the spot.

the Fire brigade has still not been re-crawled the entire house, because it burns vigorously in the house still. Thus, there is still one person we don’t have control on, said operasjonsleder forget that no schools Tinjar in the East police district to the VG.

According to the Tinjar will slukningsarbeidet probably continue in a few hours. The clock 02.30 informs the police to the VG that it is taken a decision that the fire must be extinguished completely before the new search for the missing man may begin.

the Clock 05.00 informs the police that the fire is extinguished. It is uncertain what is the cause of the fire.



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